Movers of the Day 7-Aug-2022

Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Arcblock and apM Coin. Since morning Arcblock has surged 48.13%, apM Coin 19.94%.

The crypto markets finished the day higher as illustrated by an adjacent chart showing the NWSBCT (Blue Chips) Index movement over the past 24 hours. 2100NEWS DA Indexes ended between +0.32% and +1.65%. 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) ended +0.68%. Bitcoin ended +0.49%, Ether ended the same as it was a day before.


Please read the notes to find out which criteria have been selected.



Arcblock (ABT)

2100NEWS ranking: 629, Microcap Ethereum based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Good, Score: 10.1 (Average for Microcap: 6.4)

Arcblock is a platform and an ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications. The platform goes beyond providing the necessary foundational components for using blockchain to power complex business rules. It connects your existing system to blockchain networks, enabling you to automate business processes using the data and identities associated with existing systems.


Top movers of the day are apM Coin and MixMarvel which has surged 19.19% since midnight. apM Coin has increased by 3.25%, Moonriver 1.45%.

The crypto markets started out lower today. Since midnight 2100NEWS DA Indexes which measure the performance of different groups of tokens and coins have fallen between 0.39% and 1.51%. 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of the major 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization has decreased by 1.22%. Bitcoin has fallen by 0.79%, Ether 1.94%.



Amp (AMP)

2100NEWS ranking: 749, Microcap Ethereum based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Excellent, Score: 11.7 (Average for Microcap: 6.4)

Amp is the new digital collateral token offering instant, verifiable assurances for any kind of value transfer. Using Amp, networks like Flexa can quickly and irreversibly secure transactions for various asset-related use cases. Amp claims to offer a straightforward but versatile interface for verifiable collateralization through a system of collateral partitions and collateral managers. Where collateral partitions can be designated to collateralize any account, application, or even transaction and carry balances directly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain, collateral managers are smart contracts that can lock, release, and redirect collateral in these partitions as needed to support value transfer activities. Amp supports a wide variety of use cases for collateralization and also introduces the concept of predefined partition strategies, which can enable special capabilities such as collateral models through which tokens can be staked without ever leaving their original address.



Moonriver (MOVR)

2100NEWS ranking: 225, Mid-cap , Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200, NWSCo100
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 13 (Average for Coins: 15)

Moonriver is the utility token of the Moonriver Network, Moonbeam’s Kusama deployment that serves as a “CanaryNet” to the Moonbeam Network. As such, the token utility behaviors on Moonriver will mirror that of Moonbeam. Moonbeam is a developer-oriented blockchain that strives to provide compatibility with the existing Ethereum developer toolchain and network. It does this by providing a full EVM implementation, a Web3-compatible API, and bridges that connect Moonbeam to existing Ethereum networks. This allows developers to deploy existing Solidity smart contracts and DApp frontends to Moonbeam with minimal changes. Supply and other token economic behaviors on Moonriver will be the same as on Moonbeam, but token distribution will be different to support the unique goals and attributes of the network. Moonriver will serve as a “CanaryNet” for Moonbeam, but it will also be a community-led experiment where the community will decide the direction it takes. Among other things, Moonriver used a large parachain crowdloan to obtain its initial parachain slot on Kusama.



MixMarvel (MIX)

2100NEWS ranking: 630, Microcap Ethereum based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 4.2 (Average for Microcap: 6.4)

MIXMARVEL is a global game publishing platform powered by blockchain, a large-scale virtual 3D world created by global players and developers.


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