2100NEWS will be the information highway for all stakeholders in the crypto community.

This will increase trasparency, build trust and improve the reputation of the crypto economy. 2100NEWS is the professional index and data provider in the digital asset space. Through state of the art technology, 2100NEWS is building the institutional-grade data infrastructure required to enable institutional investments in digital assets.

2100NEWS Digital Assets Index series, the first line of fully independent indexes and benchmarks tracking both cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

2100news Digital Assets Overall Index (DAOI)

2100news Digital Assets Large Cap Index (DALCI)

2100news Digital Assets Large Cap minus Bitcoin and Ether Index (DALmBEI)

2100news Digital Assets Mid Cap Index (DAMCI)

2100news Digital Assets Micro Cap Index (DAMiCI)

One of our goals, is to establish itself as the global leader of digital asset based indexes and data. To put special focus in ensuring the quality and integrity of all the underlying data, following methodologies and processes widely used in the professional capital markets. Digital Assets (Cryptocurrencies and Tokens) will become an asset class present in the asset allocation mix of most institutional portfolios. We are very excited to contribute to the evolution of the industry and build the series of indexes and data products that comply with the transparency, regulation and quality standards that the world’s top institutions require. The company claims to not be afraid about competition from larger firms, and is aggressively looking to build an ecosystem around its offering.

We want the industry to stop benchmarking against Bitcoin. Therefore we want to encourage media participants, crypto enthusiasts, analysts, researchers, startups and students to contact us in order to receive our index data. We want to help the ecosystem to develop.

The index offering encompasses the 2100News Overall Index (DAOI), as well as a 2100News Large Cap Index (DALCI), 2100News Large Cap minus Bitcoin and Ether Index (DALmBEI), 2100News Mid Cap Index (DAMCI), 2100News Micro Cap Index (DAMiCI). Variations, specifically designed to underlie passive investment products and ensure a proper balance between diversification and liquidity.

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