Movers of the Day 23-July-2021

Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. Since 7 pm Axie Infinity has surged 23.83% and The Sandbox 12.38%. Ampleforth has increased by 4.07%.

In the evening the crypto markets managed to climb back and most of them finished above the yesterday’s level as illustrated by an adjacent chart showing the NWSBCT (Blue Chips) Index movement over the last 24 hours. 2100NEWS DA Indexes ended up to +2.96% (NWSM200). 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) ended +1.24%. Bitcoin ended +1.35%, Ether ended +2.05%.

To find out based on which criteria have been selected, pleasread the notes.



Axie Infinity (AXS)

2100NEWS ranking: 69, Large cap Ethereum based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSTo100, NWSET100, NWSDM100
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 10.9, (Average for Large caps: 16.6)

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trading and battling game that is partially owned and operated by its players. Inspired by popular games like Pokémon and Tamagotchi, Axie Infinity allows players to collect, breed, raise battle, and trade token-based creatures known as Axies. These Axies can take various forms, and there are more than 500 different body parts available, including aquatic, beast, bird, bug, plant, and reptile parts. Parts from each type class come in four different rarity scales: common, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary — and Axies can have any combination of body parts, making them highly variable and often rare and unique. Each Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT) with different attributes and strengths and can be entered into 3v3 battles. The winning team earning more experience (exp) points is used to level up an Axie’s stats or evolve their body parts. These Axies can be bred together to produce new and unique offspring, which can be used or sold on the Axie marketplace.


Top movers of the day at 19:10 are Boson Protocol and Massnet. Since 2 pm Boson Protocol has surged 18.04% and Massnet 16.39%. Ampleforth has increased by 7.41. In the afternoon the crypto markets went down sharply. Since 2 pm 2100NEWS DA Indexes have fallen between 0.89% and 2.22% (NWSDM100). 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) is 1.25% lower. Bitcoin has decreased by 0.44% and Ether by 1.94%.



Massnet (MASS)

2100NEWS ranking: 533, Small cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 3, (Average for Small caps: 8.1)

The MASS consensus engine aims to become the basic infrastructure for all blockchain consensus layers. Based on a Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol, the MASS consensus engine creates a consensus layer that is permissionless, fair, energy-efficient, secure, and universal, ensuring the fundamental security of the public chain. The MASS consensus engine is universal and can provide consensus services across any number of public chains. Nodes use storage capacity to run the consensus protocol and do not require permission. In addition, the MASS consensus engine is fair and energy-efficient; only a minimal amount of computing resources are required, meaning everyone has the chance to participate.


The day’s top movers (at 2 pm) are and Vitae, soaring 52.87% since 9 am. The crypto markets have trended sideways. At the same timespan, the 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100), which measures 1100 (by market capitalization) major crypto assets’ performance, has surged by 2.04%, Bitcoin 1.32%, and Ether even  3.82%.



Vitae (VITAE)

2100NEWS ranking: 743, Microcap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Excellent, Score: 13.9, (Average for Microcap: 5.9)

Vitae is a Utility token for our Social Rewards Website. Providing ease within the platform for members to create income in the form of Vitae Tokens. This facilitates a need for individuals to create a better lifestyle and prosperity.

The day’s top movers (at 9 am) are and Vitae, soaring 36.25% since midnight. The crypto markets have continued rising. On the day, the 2100NEWS DA Indexes, which measure the performance of various groups of tokens and coins, reported gains between 0.94% and 3.39%. Over the last 24 hours, the 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100), which measures 1100 (by market capitalization) major crypto assets’ performance, has surged by 3.07%, Bitcoin 1.79%, and Ether even  4.76%.



Boson Protocol (BOSON)

2100NEWS ranking: 667, Microcap Ethereum based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 6.5, (Average for Microcap: 5.9)

Boson Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure for enabling autonomous commercial exchanges of anyThing, specifically off-chain items. Boson is a peer-to-peer system that replicates the benefits of a market intermediary without the disbenefits of centralized systems.


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