2100NEWS DA Day Movers Index (NWSDM100)

2100NEWS DA Day Movers Index (NWSDM100) is first 2100NEWS DA Theme Index. 2100NEWS DA Day Movers Index (NWSDM100) is a market capitalization weighted index composed of 10 digital assets (tokens and coins) which were picked by our analysts as day movers. Their common feature is a high daily volatility. The market capitalization of each member is calculated for each asset, then adjusted to reflect the publicly available amount (float) of each asset available today.


2100NEWS DA Theme Indexes are designed to capture the return of characteristics that are common to individual groups of digital assets at crypto markets. 2100NEWS DA Theme Indexes reflect the performance of various themes that are of interest to the crypto community. These rule-based, transparent indexes demonstrate the movement of the groups of digital assets which have the same characteristic.

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