Movers of the Day 11-Feb-2024


Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Powerledger and Sleepless AI. Since morning Powerledger has surged 21.45%, Sleepless AI is 3.87% higher.

Most cryptocurrencies finished the day still higher as illustrated by an adjacent chart showing the movement of the NWSBCT Index (Blue Chips) over the past 24 hours. The tokens built on Ethereum represented by 2100NEWS Ethereum Based Index (NWSET100) ended +0.22%. Our main 2100NEWS Total Index (NWST1100) ended +0.31%. Bitcoin ended +0.73%, Ether ended +0.22%.

The criteria upon which these specific cryptocurrencies and indices have been highlighted are detailed in supplemental notes. The provided data offers a snapshot of the last 24 hours until midnight. Therefore, it may not accurately represent the current market conditions at the time of your inquiry.



Powerledger (POWR)

2100NEWS ranking: 202, Mid-cap Ethereum-based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200, NWSET100, NWSDM100
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 16.4 (Average for Ethereum-based Tokens: 15.8)

Power Ledger, based in Australia, encourages us to imagine a world where electricity is dependable, affordable, and clean for everyone. Powered by contracts on the Ethereum network, the peer-to-peer energy exchange platform, their most mature platform, aims to democratize energy trading with transparent systems that allow individuals and communities to select their power source. POWR is the utility token that users would escrow to use the platform in their dual token model, while Sparkz represents electricity credits tied to local fiat for marketplace participants. Both are used to create part of an economy where households that generate electricity can trade with their neighbors for a fair return.


Top movers of the day are Heroes of Mavia and Spell Token. Since midnight the token of the Heroes of Mavia has surged 20.16%, Spell Token has increased by 4.12%. Myro is 3.29% higher.

The crypto markets moved higher this morning. Since midnight 2100NEWS Indices which measure the performance of different groups of tokens and coins have increased up to 2.04%. Our main 2100NEWS Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of the major 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization is 0.96% higher. Bitcoin has increased by 0.79%, Ether by 1.21%.



Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

2100NEWS ranking: 1310 Ethereum-based Token, Index member: –
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Score:

Heroes of Mavia is an online multiplayer blockchain-based strategy game where players use their base and army to battle other players and compete for real cryptocurrency in a play-to-earn fashion. Players can purchase, rent, or partner with landowners to acquire and build a base in the game, earning more rewards as they battle with increasingly difficult bases built by other players around the world.



Spell Token (SPELL)

2100NEWS ranking: 343, Small cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 10.1 (Average Small caps: 9.9) is a lending platform that uses interest-bearing tokens (ibTKNs) as collateral to borrow a USD-pegged stablecoin that can be used as any other traditional stablecoin.



Myro (MYRO)

2100NEWS ranking: 386, Small cap Non-Ethereum-based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 6.6 (Average for Small caps: 9.9)

Myro is a viral narrative based on Solana Co-Founder Raj Gokal’s pet dog, becoming a staple in the Solana memecoin space. Myro will be more than just a memecoin, featuring several unique use cases and utilities that are beneficial to the long term growth of the Solana Ecosystem. The Myro movement is like no other on the Solana blockchain, bringing dog lovers from all around the crypto space and uniting them into one.

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