Movers of the Day 15-Feb-2023

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Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are FLOKI and Stargate Finance which has surged 13.74% since 7 pm. FLOKI has increased by 7.65%.

In the evening the crypto markets went up again and finished the day quite high. Today’s crypto market movement is illustrated by an adjacent chart showing the movement of the NWSBCT Index (Blue Chips) over the past 24 hours. 2100NEWS Indices ended between +5.78% and +8.53%. 2100NEWS Total Index (NWST1100) ended +7.85%. Bitcoin ended +9.13%, Ether ended +7.29%.

Please read the notes to find out which criteria have been selected.



Stargate Finance (STG)

2100NEWS ranking: 174 Mid-cap Ethereum based token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200, NWSET100
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Good, Score: 18, (Average for Ethereum based tokens: 15.2)

Stargate is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of Omnichain DeFi. With Stargate, users & dApps can transfer native assets cross-chain while accessing the protocol’s unified liquidity pools with instantly guaranteed finality.


Top mover of the day at 19:10 is Conflux Network which has surged 37.08% since 2 pm. Astar Network has increased by 8.33%.

In the afternoon the crypto markets trended sideways. In the last 24 hours 2100NEWS Indices have increased up to 4.62%. Our most important 2100NEWS Total Index (NWST1100) has increased by 3.10%. Bitcoin has increased by 3.39%, Ether 2.3%.



Conflux (CFX)

2100NEWS ranking: 209, Mid-cap0, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200, NWSCo100, NWSDM100
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 10.9 (Average for Coins: 15.5)

Conflux Network is a token of Conflux Network. Conflux Network is an open network built to drive the next generation of global commerce by unlocking tomorrow’s decentralized applications and digital assets. Conflux enables a secure and interoperable flow of assets and data across protocols & applications to create an internet of value for all. The public, permissionless blockchain is powerful and developer-friendly. Conflux delivers a robust network with solidity compatibility, zero congestion, and low fees by integrating Proof of Work into a Tree Graph architecture.


Top movers of the day at 14:10 are FLOKI and Conflux Network. Since 9 am FLOKI has surged 37.45%, Conflux Network 30.70%. WhiteBIT Token has increased by 1.12%.

The crypto markets rose strongly. Since 9 am 2100NEWS Indices which measure the performance of different groups of tokens and coins have increased between 1.43% and 2.73% (NWSBE). Our main 2100NEWS Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of the major 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization is 2.53% higher. Ether has increased by 2.37%, Bitcoin even 2.90%.




2100NEWS ranking: 159, Mid-cap Ethereum-based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200, NWSET100, NWSDM100
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 9.7 (Average for Ethereum-based Tokens: 15.3)

Floki is the people’s cryptocurrency and the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. It is a cryptocurrency birthed by fans and members of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community and is inspired by (and named after) Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu. Floki Inu wants to differentiate itself from other meme coins by combining memes with utility. The team’s long-term vision is to create an autonomous and decentralized ecosystem, including strategic partnerships, building utility on the token itself, and developing use cases for the Floki Inu brand through NFTs, games, and decentralized finance features.


Top movers of the day are PIVX and FLOKI. Since midnight PIVX has surged 23.83%, FLOKI 19.26%. CUDOS is 15.17% higher.

Tpday the crypto markets started out at the same levels as they finished last night. In the last 24 hours the large caps measured by 2100NEWS 100 Large Cap Index (NWSL100) have increased by 3.28%. Moreover, the mid caps represented by 2100NEWS 200 Mid Cap Index (NWSM200) have increased by 4.31%. In the same time, Bitcoin has increased by 1.57%, Ether 2.74%.




2100NEWS ranking: 482, Small cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 9.2 (Average for Small caps: 9.7)

PIVX is an open-source digital token concentrating on fast individual transactions with low transaction fees as well as an environmental footprint. PIVX employs a custom Proof of Stake protocol for ensuring its network. It utilizes an innovative variable seesaw reward mechanism balancing dynamically 90% of its block reward size between masternodes and staking nodes and 10% for budget proposals. PIVX aims to gain a distributed sustainable virtual token with near-instant full-time private transactions, fair governance, and community intelligence.




2100NEWS ranking: 552, Small cap Ethereum-based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300
2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 10 (Average for Small caps: 9.7)

Cudos is a staking and computing token engineered to power the CUDOS network and transfer part of the value generated on the Cudo network to users who stake CUDOS. The CUDOS token is a qualification, discount, and staking token. As a discount token, it is used to transact and stake in the CUDOS network and to transfer part of the value generated on the Cudo network to users who stake CUDOS. CUDOS can also be kept, shared, or donated to charity. In the CUDOS network, the key functions of the token are: 1) Staking 2,000,000 CUDOS to become a CUDOS Validator Node and get rewards; 2) Delegated staking to support other CVNs; 3) MoE powering the on-chain CUDOS network; 4) Staking for discounts. In the Cudo ecosystem, the token can be used for: 1) Staking to receive a discount in fees or share the revenue from fees; 2) Staking to qualify for jobs and earn more significant revenue.


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