About Limitlex

Driven by the vision of a financial world without barriers, the Limitlex team has built a smart digital trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Automating, simplifying, and efficient portfolio organization are the three underlying principles that are the advantages of the Limitlex Exchange.

Limitlex Exchange lists the major cryptocurrencies in its trading order book and supports newly issued coins and tokens. Subject to due diligence and regulatory provisions, Limitlex is keen on cooperating with new token issuers by listing their token on the exchange as well as by providing them with built-in promotional mechanisms to boost up their sale and trading volume.

Limitlex introduces certain smart and innovative features

That innovative features can help crypto users more efficiently manage their digital assets and trades:

  • Sell All allows you to react quickly to bigger market movements and not waste your time opening separate sell orders for each of your cryptocurrencies. With this feature, you can sell them all (or a percentage of each) with only one click!
  • Bulk Buy / Basket Buy allows buying or selling multiple cryptocurrencies according to your desired parameters with only a few clicks. Thus it simplifies the user experience and allows for easier and more convenient trading of cryptocurrencies, especially for beginners. Still, at the same time, it doesn’t take anything away from the trading functionalities for more experienced traders.
  • Top-Cap Buy enables the user to buy the desired number of top-tier cryptocurrencies according to the market capitalization with only one click.
  • Random Buy offers you the possibility of buying multiple cryptocurrencies by an auto-generated random selection. FYI, random trading has been proven by a scientific study to be as effective as the main top trading strategies!
  • Filled orders notifications: this feature enables you to react quickly to the changes in your portfolio by receiving an email or Telegram message. You get notified immediately when your orders are filled so that you can make new moves on the market with the released funds. When registered on the exchange, you will be able to choose how to get notified: either via email and/or Telegram.
  • Take Profit Limit order is designed for traders to maximize their profits and protect their profits on positions. A Take Profit Limit order can be placed to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at your entered price (a limit order) once that cryptocurrency reaches your input trigger price in a profit range.
  • Stop Loss Limit order allows you to limit your loss on a cryptocurrency position. A Stop Loss Limit order can be placed to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency at your entered price (a limit order) once that cryptocurrency reaches your input trigger price to prevent further loss.

    The Limitlex team has stated they would be adding other interesting features in the near future, aiming to provide their users with helpful trading functionalities and a great user experience.

    Generous referral program

    For those who aspire for long-term passive income, Limitlex also offers a generous referral program. There is no joining fee for the referral program, and there are no limits on the amounts to be earned. The more your referees’ trade, the more you will earn. By signing up on the exchange, anyone can create a personal referral link, and by sharing it can start earning money from every trade their referees make. Personal websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter, webinars, events, or e-mail can all be an opportunity to share your personal referral link. The commissions are paid instantly into your user account.

    Corporate accounts and institutional traders

    When it comes to registering on the Exchange, Limitlex is not onboarding only individual users but also welcomes corporate accounts and institutional traders. Since many exchanges in the industry struggle to efficiently onboard corporate users, Limitlex made great efforts to set up a professional onboarding service to provide a smooth and well-thought-through process in line with the standards of the financial industry.

    Concerning the security measures, Limitlex is taking this area very seriously in every aspect and field of their activity. They invited into their team some of the best security experts in the region and are adopting industry best practices for ensuring the safety and security of their platform and users’ assets.

General information

Financially and strategically backed by an international private investment group, Limitlex is based and licensed in the EU and with FinCEN in the USA.


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