Navigating Waves – Empirical Analysis of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


A comprehensive empirical analysis of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is presented, utilizing extensive data from the 2100News database over six years. The study focuses on understanding the crypto market’s intricate dynamics and investment characteristics, contrasting them with traditional financial markets. Key components of the survey include:

  1. Bitcoin’s Role: Examining Bitcoin as a primary non-sovereign monetary asset in the crypto ecosystem, highlighting its unique value due to scarcity and decentralization.
  2. Altcoins and Infrastructure: Analysis of alternative cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) and their varying use cases, as well as the role of infrastructure projects in the crypto landscape.
  3. Stablecoins and Interoperability: Understanding the significance of stablecoins as bridges between crypto and fiat currencies and the importance of interoperability among different blockchain systems.
  4. Market Structure and Dynamics: Dissecting the crypto market into various segments based on currency type, infrastructure, applications, and market capitalization. This includes a detailed examination of market movements and the probability of success for new tokens.
  5. Comparative Analysis with Capital Markets: Offering a statistical comparison of the crypto market with traditional capital markets, highlighting market capitalization, volatility, and investment characteristics.
  6. Crypto Asset Trading and Investment: Insights into the dynamics of crypto asset trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges and strategies for investing in crypto assets.
  7. Portfolio Management in Crypto: Discussing the challenges and strategies in managing a crypto asset portfolio, contrasting amateur and professional management approaches, and exploring the concept of social portfolio management.
  8. Combining Crypto with Traditional Investment: Presenting strategies for integrating crypto investments with traditional stock and cash holdings to optimize portfolio performance.
  9. Market Breadth Indicators and Bitcoin Halving: Analyzing market breadth indicators for trend prediction and discussing the implications of the upcoming Bitcoin halving on the market.

The paper aims to demystify the crypto ecosystem, providing investors and enthusiasts with a grounded understanding of its complexities and the potential for informed investment strategies.


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