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Cryptoparty Slovenia

There is cryptoparty in Slovenia!

 international conference on digital privacy and security (cryptoparty)
Photo courtesy of Andrej Bohinc

Yesterday was an international conference on digital privacy and security, which was the 5th event since 2015. The main topic of the evening was blockchain in technology, law, politics, and society. There were four main talks and roundtable discussions, we discussed the problems of online surveillance and censorship, surveillance of supervisory authorities, the challenge of cryptocurrencies and incentivizing censorship: how surveillance business models degrade online media, this last problem is one of the main reasons we are launching our ICO to solve this problem.

There was a lot of women present at the even. This shows that the crypto space is maturing and that the women who are from the psychological point of view less likely to take risks as they are naturally more risk-averse.


Cryptoparty Slovenija 2018

Cryptoparty Slovenija 2018Cryptoparty Slovenija ponovno odpira debato o kibernetski varnosti in zasebnosti. Na štirih predavanjih in okrogli mizi bomo debatirali o zasebnosti v kibernetskem prostoru, kriptovalutah, nadzoru varnostno-obveščevalnih služb in algoritmih.

Objavil/a Državljan D dne Četrtek, 01. marec 2018


The event organization was supported by platform that connects you to teams that have trained to become serious blockchain businesses wich was successfully funded by ICO last year.
Slovenia is becoming one of the leading crypto countries that are very supportive of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

You could say Slovenia is the Crypto Valley of Europe.

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