Movers of the Day

Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Unikoin Gold and Crypterium. Since 6 pm Unikoin Gold has increased by 7.98% while Crypterium has dropped by 24.69%. Global Currency Reserve and TokenClub are lower: GCR -8.96%, TCT -5.43%. In the evening the crypto markets continued to go down sharply and ended the day much lower. 2100NEWS DA Indexes ended between -7.33% and -10.50%. 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) ended -9.91%. Bitcoin and Ether also ended the day much lower: BTC -10.38%, ETH -10.42%.

Unikoin GoldUnikoin Gold (UKG)

2100NEWS ranking: 667, Micro cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500

UnikoinGold is developed with an aim to create a decentralized ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain network employed for and enabling for the transfer and interchange of a virtual point-based reward system for legal and authorized betting on esports matches, competitions and others around gaming

Top movers of the day at 18:10 are and Content Value Network. Since 1 pm has increased by 15.68%. As predicted before Content Value Network has dropped by 17.38%. Global Currency Reserve and Unikoin Gold are slightly lower. In the afternoon the crypto markets went down sharply. 2100NEWS DA Indexes fell between 2.30% and 4.74% (NWSMi500). 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) is 4.40% lower than at 1 pm. Bitcoin and Ether also fell significantly: BTC -4.69%, ETH -5.00%. (SOLVE)

2100NEWS ranking: 48, Large cap Ethereum based Token, Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSTo100, NWSET100, NWSDM100

Solve.Care is a healthcare IT company that builds blockchain platforms which the team believes may improve the way healthcare is delivered and managed. The Solve.Care platform reportedly uses blockchain technology as the underlying distributed ledger for coordinating care, benefits and payments between all parties in the chain of healthcare: patients, doctors, pharmacies, laboratories, employers, insurers, and others. SOLVE tokens may be used to secure efficient and transparent healthcare administration around the world. According to the foundation, they can be utilized to pay for Care Administration Network fees, establish Care.Wallets, purchase Care.Cards, and participate in Care.Marketplace services as well as pay for associated integration fees. In addition, SOLVE is reportedly used for the emission of Care.Coins and payments requiring Care.Coins.

Top movers of the day at 13:10 are Content Value Network and TokenClub. A couple hours ago Content Value Network surged 29.47%. Looking at the chart below it looks like it won’t stay long at this level. Since morning TokenClub has increased by 19.22% and STPT by 11.88%. Generally, the crypto markets have fallen. Since 8 am 2100NEWS DA Indexes which measure the performance of different groups of tokens and coins have decreased between 0.56% and 1.63%. The biggest fall of 1.63% has made   2100NEWS DA NonEthereum Based Index (NWSOT50) which measures the performance of the tokens built on other platforms, not on Ethereum. Our main 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) has decreased by 0.61%. Bitcoin and Ether are also lower: BTC -0.50%, ETH -1.36%.

Content Value NetworkContent Value Network (CVNT)

2100NEWS ranking: 232, Mid-cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200

Merging blockchain technology and P2P (peer-to-peer) distributed service, CVN is the next generation content distribution platform, creating a highly autonomous community, optimizing on traditional content distribution, transfer, filter and review processes, a platform where good content can be immediately and widely shared while spam is held at bay.

Top movers of the day are Global Currency Reserve and Unikoin Gold. Since midnight Global Currency Reserve has increased by 42.82% and Unikoin Gold by 35.93%. Hi Mutual Society is 4.57% higher. Today the crypto markets started out mixed. Since midnight the micro caps measured by 2100NEWS Digital Assets 500 MicroCap Index (NWSMi500) have increased by 1.01% while the large caps measured by 2100NEWS Digital Assets 100 Large Cap Index (NWSL100) have fallen by 0.50%.   2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of top 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization is 0.34% lower. Bitcoin and Ether started out slightly lower: BTC -0.30%, ETH -0.29%.

Global Currency ReserveGlobal Currency Reserve (GCR)

2100NEWS ranking: 886, Micro cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSMi500
Warning: Weak orderbook

GCRCoin is a new distributed cryptocurrency offering anyone the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in an easy way and with an added value.

Hi Mutual SocietyHi Mutual Society (HMC)

2100NEWS ranking: 540, Small cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300

Hi Mutual Society is a blockchain project developed and operated by Qfund, the largest online crowdfunding platform in Asia. HMS intends to build up a decentralized Mutual Society using blockchain technology. 


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