With the 2100News weekly crypto report, we analyze and gauge the entire crypto market. The family of cryptocurrency indexes, 2100NEWS DA (Digital Assets) Indexes serve for general insight into crypto markets and measure for their current and past movements. On the 2100NEWS hub, this week we are adding factor indexes, theme indexes, and crypto market breadth indicators, for deeper financial insight into the crypto universe.

Technically, as you can see on the left PF chart 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100), the last week the support did not hold, so a breakthrough followed the index dropped by almost 20%. All 2100NEWS DA indexes had a similar moving pattern. On the chart above we can see that in the period when digital assets decline, sellers sell tokens and buy bitcoin or ether, so we have selling pressure on tokens and relative lower tokens price vs. Bitcoin and Ether.    

Looking ahead to next week we are observing the oversold market. So, only from an indicator’s point of view, there is a likelihood of NWST1100 trending sideways with a huge volatility, 100 points spread between swing high and swing low can be a trading opportunity. In case the support does not hold, the next 10% step down to 300 points is likely. 


Performance of different groups of Digital Assets (Coins and Tokens)

On the table below, you can see that the last week big-sized digital assets by market capitalization were the worst performing group, NWSL100 dropped by 20.91%. The market cap of each asset in this index spans from $30 million to $15 billion.  Groups of tokens and coins are lower than they were before one week. Total (NWST1100) and overall (NWSOI) indexes went down by an additional 15% to 17% in a crypto crash started November 29th.


Crypto (Digital Assets) compared with global equity

On the chart below, the performance of the average Digital Aset represented by our NWST1100 index is compared with average global equity represented by Dow Jones global index W1Dow. As you can see since November 12th crypto has lost the ground, it plunged by 51% vs. global equity. Last week crypto vs. W1Dow dropped again. 


Indexes Revision 12-07-2018

The weekly revision update both, the amount of each asset publicly available and any additions and deletions from the indexes. On the tables below there are additions and deletions from NWSL100 and NWSM200. As we can see on the tables that two groups changed their membership. Gemini dollar and Elastos have improved their rankings they were added to NWSL100 and deleted from NWSM200. DigixDAO and CyberMiles were deleted from NWSL100. They are new members of NWSM200. New mid-caps are EURt, Darico Ecosystem Coin, Energi … Other weekly additions and deletions this week for the other indexes from the family are available here.

Winner new member

We select the new member in NWSM200 crypto index with the biggest jump in our ranking. We can see from the chart that in November and December in the time of crypto crash Maximine Coin (MXN) performed 95% better than average coin or token which is a member of NWSM200 index. 


Maximine Coin Maximine Coin (MXM)  web

MaxiMine is a highly efficient and transparent cloud-based pool mining platform. Users receive a portion of the MaxiMine pool rewards by staking the tokens that they own for hashing power.


About us

We are the new economy news hub. 2100NEWS is the professional index, data, and tools provider in the digital asset space, offering Crypto Market Intelligence, providing the perspective you can trust and equipping you with information edge you need to stay ahead. (Real-time data of token issuers and news, analysis and commentary from community.) We are very excited to contribute to the evolution of the industry and build an ecosystem around our offering (the institutional-grade data infrastructure required to enable institutional investments in digital assets). We want our contributions (Contents and Tools on 2100NEWS.com) to be useful for helping investors.



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