Movers of the Day

Written by on November 30, 2018

Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Theta Token and which has an enormous spread, so it can be a winner or a loser on the same day. Tokens and coins fell, 2100NEWS DA Indexes dropped between 4.5% and 6.3%. Bitcoin dropped 5.86% and Ether 4.24%. (DDD)

Top movers of the day at 18:10 are Theta Token and which has surged 23.95% since 1 pm. In the morning, the tokens and coins fell, but in the last few hours, we have seen a recovery. 2100NEWS DA Indexes dropped between 3.51% and 4.3%. Bitcoin dropped 4.77% and Ether 1.83%.

Theta TokenTheta Token (THETA)

DSN and the Theta protocol solve various challenges the video streaming industry faces today. Theta tokens are used as an incentive to encourage individual users to share their redundant memory and bandwidth resources as caching nodes for video streams. This improves the quality of stream delivery and solves the “last-mile” delivery problem, the main bottleneck for traditional stream delivery pipelines, especially for high resolution high bitrate 360° virtual reality (VR) streams.


Top movers of the day at 13:10 are Theta Token and Metal. Since 8 am Theta Token surged 57.70% while Metal has dropped by 9.74%. In the morning, the tokens and coins fell sharply, including Bitcoin and Ether. 2100NEWS DA Indexes dropped between 4.31% and 5.94%. 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of top 1100 crypto assets by market cap dropped 5.13%. Bitcoin dropped 5.28% and Ether 3.53%.

As we can see on the chart below of NWSL100 movement it did not manage to reach the Target Zone. Obviously Keltner Channel was too hard obstacle for moving up. So likely, there is probability to go down.

Top movers of the day are NaPoleonX and Aeron. Since midnight NaPoleonX has surged 141.32% while Aeron has fallen by 7.34% Yesterday’s winner Metal transformed into loser: since midnight it dropped 18.56%. Most tokens and coins started the day in red. An average token represented by   2100NEWS Digital Assets Overall Index (NWSOI) has fallen by 0.28% since midnight. Bitcoin fell 0.59% while Ether rose 0.58%.

NaPoleonXNaPoleonX (NPX)

NaPoleonX ambitions to become the first algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors. The value proposal is underpinned by longstanding performing trading bots running on a variety of highly liquid assets.

AeronAeron (ARN)

Aeron is the new standard of flight safety, included in a series of innovative products. It allows flight authorities to promptly identify and solves the problem if there is any trouble in data between any Aeron data and either the ATC, Pilot or engineer.

BezantBezant (BZNT)

Bezant is a decentralized payment protocol that provides fast, secure, and reliable payment solutions so that people from all over the world could access global digital contents without borders with the Jehmi Platform.

MetalMetal (MTL)

Metal is a digital currency for MetalPay that enables global instant payment by utilizing just a phone number. MTL is fairly decentralized with the support of a process called Proof of Processed Payments (PoPP).


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