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UNICEF urges pc gamers to use their Graphic cards to mine ETH and donate it for to Syrian Children

UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) has started a new charity campaign for Syrian children asking PC gamers to use their computers to mine Ethereum and donate their earnings.

Thanks to the solidarity of the PC gaming community, Game Chaingers turns graphics cards into a humanitarian tool and organize the first ever blockchain fundraising by mining Ethereum for UNICEF.
To participate in this operation, all you need to do is to install Claymore, a mining software. You will be able to start or stop mining when you want and generate Ethereum right in UNICEF’s electronic wallet.

Donations work when participating gamers take a break from their computers, they can turn on UNICEF’s Ethereum mining program, helping without giving away anything but access to their computer’s processing power.

“Through the use of mining we create an opportunity for those who can not give or have never had the opportunity to do so.”

For 7 years, Syrian children have been suffering in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, on such a scale it over-passes the Syrian borders. As the conflict bogs down, the number of people in need of vital emergency help is increasing considerably. For UNICEF, around 8.3 million children need help in Syria but also in the bordering countries welcoming refugee families.
According to estimates, 13.5 million people need a vital emergency help in Syria, 1 million of which are children. The bogging down of the war, of an exceptional violence, traumatize the population forced to live in terror or to move elsewhere in Syria or escape the country.
Paradoxically, while the Syrian crisis is the biggest humanitarian crisis it is also amongst the ones receiving the least support. The financial needs are important and not sufficiently met.

Since the campaign started on February 2. there have been 575 contributors that raised 1707.88€ that have combined  1946.44 MH/S power. If you have a bad ass gaming computer, and you want to do some good in the world here is your chance! 










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