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NEO, China’s Largest Cryptocurrency, invests almost $3M in the PikcioChain

From a Lausanne, Switzerland: came news of a new major partnership announcement. Pikcio AG, the creator of PikcioChain, has announced that NEO Council has already purchased for $3M PKC tokens which were made available during the PikcioChain pre-ICO.


This significant investment shows NEOs confidence in PikcioChain technology, the utility of its PKC tokens and its potential.

After the purchase, PikcioChain has also taken the decision to move the PKC token standard interface from ERC-20 to the NEO EP-5 format.


Pikcio & NEO in Partnership

NEO will now offer PikcioChain’s service technology on its own blockchain. It will provide technological, sales and marketing support for a new, Chinese subsidiary of Pikcio AG.

”This is an extremely exciting time for everyone at PikcioChain.” said Didier Collin de Casaubon, Founder, and CEO of Pikcio AG.

Which he added ”

“We’ve been enjoying a very successful pre-ICO period in which we saw several major institutional investors interested in PikcioChain and the PKC token. NEO Council’s token purchase is a perfect example of the success we’ve been having.

“The decision to move from the Ethereum format to the NEO format for the PKC token’s issuance is more than just a simple switch between underlying technologies. It represents the beginning of a new partnership. It will see PikcioChain and NEO working closely together to provide secure personal data solutions to the world’s financial institutions.

“At a time when regulators require increasing amounts of information regarding investors and clients, and simultaneously, individuals are demanding greater control of their personal data, PikcioChain offers a highly secure, distributed and potentially revenue-generating solution for KYC and other processes that enable companies to meet both of these expectations.”


PikcioChain breaks open the exclusive world of data trading. It puts data ownership back into the hands of the data creator. It represents the democratization of the data markets. And it is also the fairest way of making sure that the value of a person’s data always flows back to them.

Pikcio created a transparent and self-regulated data trading ecosystem. It empowers businesses to trade data with confidence. And also in full compliance with the wishes of the data owner and the relevant regulatory environment.

Pikcio AG is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland with offices in Paris, Brussels and Boston, USA.


Find out more: https://pikciochain.com

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