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Imporant aspect of blockchain aside cryptocurrency is creating secure applications which store data on the blockchain cluster.  

Squeezer is the world’s first software development platform that’s blockchain oriented and it helps software developers to build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure . It is also a powerful tool to provide high quality blockchain software components to the large enterprise organizations. Squeezer connects blockchain to the world-class clouds. It builds auto-scalable serverless apps on top of the blockchain technology.

Motivation for creating Squeezer

Quoted from whitepaper:

Over the last few years, blockchain technology has been receiving significant attention
from different niches like soft developers , entrepreneurs , investors , governments ,
retailers and much more . The total cryptocurrency market capital reached more than
200 billion​ $ in capital which by the way , is almost 5%​ of the global cash money mass.
But there is one more important aspect of the blockchain aside of the cryptocurrency ,
that of creating secure applications which stores data on the blockchain cluster . This
decentralized blockchain system is going to change your life from the way you transact
business or manage assets, to the way you use your machines, vote, rent a car, and
even prove who you are. Along the way, it will transform banks and other financial
institutions, hospitals, companies, and governments among others.




Squeezer is already showing signs of big success story, with the montly downloads already through the roof.





Squeezer Token (SQZR) sale information card

Token name SQZR
Compatibility Ethereum ERC 20 Standard
Instant token delivery Yes
Total supply 385,000,000 SQZR
Sale supply 308,000,000 SQZR
Creators supply 77,000,000 SQZR
Soft cap 300,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Unsold tokens
unsold tokens will be preserved on an escrow account and slow released lately trough the market
Pre-sale period 2.20.2018 – 3.5.2018
Sale period 3.10.2018 – 3.31.2018
Tier 1 2.20.2018 – 3.1.2018 – $0.20
Tier 2 3.1.2018 – 3.11.2018 – $0.22
Tier 3 3.11.2018 – 3.21.2018 – $0.24
Tier 4 3.21.2018 – 3.31.2018 – $0.25
Purchase methods
+Mastercard and Visa

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