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NEXO (Nexo) as Large-cap Token is 74th in the 2100NEWS ranking. The quality of the order book of NEXO is Ordinary. The average quality of the order book for large caps members of the NWSL100 index is 11.6. What is the true value criterion in the crypto world?

*Among all, the price is always at the forefront. By comparing with the index, we can gauge the price-performance with similar digital assets that are members of the index. Considering an investor’s point of view, peer comparison should be efficient and effective. We present you tokens that are worth keeping in mind.


About token

NEXO has been launched in 15 exchanges. NEXO Tokens are the world’s first compliant dividend-paying asset-backed security tokens with utility features.

Theta Token as Large-cap Token is 74th in 2100NEWS ranking (after Index Review of 8th November 2019). It is an Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSTo100, NWSET100, NWSDM100.


2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 12.3, (Average for Large caps: 11.6)

Over the past week, the average market cap was $59.9 million, average daily volume was $8.7 million.


To make appropriate peer comparison we gauged the NEXO (Nexo)  with 2100NEWS Digital Assets 100 Large Cap Index (NWSL100). Looking at the chart below, at the top we can see the NEXO vs. NWSL100, in the middle of the chart is the original NEXO price, at the bottom of the chart are NWSL100 and correlation between NEXO and NWSL100. On average (purple area graph), the relationship between NEXO and NWSL100  has shown NEXO has grown and beaten the NWSL100, it has increased by 60.89% vs. NWSL100 in the last four months. However, the correlation graph gives us an explanation that correlation is weak (Pearsons correlation coefficient = 0.23) but positive, for 93% of the time, it was moving in the same direction as the NWSL100. So, it has not been a typical representative of the NWSL100 index in terms of price changes.

According to Etherscan, there are 26,804 token holders (at the time of this article’s writing).


2100NEWS observation:

When Nexo was founded in 2017, its founders have had 10 years of online consumer loan experience. With Nexo, they have moved to blockchain technology. It looks very easy to take out a loan with Nexo. Annual Percentage Rate starts at 5.9% with no hidden fees, no minimum repayment requirements and no credit checks. Clients can borrow against their crypto assets in more than 40 fiat currencies. We usually like to look at who is actually behind the project. In this case, Nexo is lead by an experienced team, whose awardwinning business operations at Credissimo have continuously been audited by Deloitte. We did not find any concrete people except Antoni Trenchev (Co-Founder and Managing Partner). They invest heavily in communications with the community. Their Telegram has 31,780 members. They have 42.9K followers at Twitter


About Nexo – what they do

Nexo is the most advanced platform for instant crypto loans, and the only blockchain company to provide its services in 45+ fiat currencies and in more than 200 jurisdictions.

Nexo gives digital asset holders the best of both worlds – instant access to cash and retaining ownership of their assets. Its global operations are powered by the profound lending experience of Credissimo, a leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years, while multiple banking and financial service regulators.

Nexo’s instant lending platform combines seamless user-experience with military-grade security and with 256-bit encryption. Clients funds are held in individually assigned multi-signature wallets in cold storage, held with the only qualified audited and Goldman Sachs-backed custodian BitGo. BitGo is Cryptocurrency Security Standard Level 3 as well as SOC 2 compliant.

General information

Nexo is powered by Credissimo – a Leading FinTech Group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years. The Headquarter is in London, UK. The Nexo Group has legal entities in various locations throughout the world, in order to services 200+ jurisdictions in the most efficient manner and is in compliance with all applicable global and local regulations. One of Co-Founders is Antoni Trenchev.

Exchanges: Allbit, Binance DEX, Bitbns, Bitrue, Coinbit, DDEX, HitBTC, Hotbit, Huobi Global, Huobi Korea, IDEX, Livecoin, Mercatox,, YoBit




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