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Luka GlogoskiMay 10, 2018


Sharpay is proposing to leverage blockchain technology to monetize social media sharing.


Most people don’t realize that when they share on-line content with their friends, they are essentially providing free advertising to the publishers of that content. That is advertising that would otherwise cost them dearly if they payed Google or Facebook for the same traffic, plus they get the benefit of social proof, since your friends trust you and are far more likely to pay attention to content that you recommend.

So far, there has been no practical way to reward users for their sharing, since the fees and middle men would make the entire process too expensive and inefficient. Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology and the low/no fee micro-payments which it enables, this has now become much easier and the team at Sharpay are well positioned to take full advantage of this fact.

Sharpay Social Media Sharing

Sharpay will enable token payments and multisharing, i.e. one-click sharing to multiple social networks. This is the only project in the world, which implements both of these solutions simultaneously, and the technology is protected by Eurasian international patent priority. The development of this project dates back to 2012 and is already at a minimum viable product stage.

In comparison with its predecessors, Sharpay has the following advantages:

Sharpay features comparison

If you have any doubts about Sharpay’s business model, rest assured that social media sharing is a huge industry. Not long ago, AddThis.com, one of the most well-known world aggregators, was taken over by Oracle with an appraisal of $175 million (1). Sharpay estimate that the future capitalization of their platform should surpass AddThis.com’s performance by at least a factor of two. Sharpay’s market valuation is estimated to reach $400 million in 3 years, and $1 billion in 5 years.

If you spend even a little bit of time on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram you will be well aware that every single influencer/publisher on the web is constantly asking you for likes and shares? That’s because they are what gives their content value. Without likes and shares they wouldn’t be able to build an audience and without an audience their content will not make any money and they will soon fade away.

Sharpay Facebook

Likes and shares are the oxygen that drives the world wide web. They provide huge value to both publishers and platforms by promoting high quality content, and it’s only fair that viewers are fairly compensated for their contribution. Tokens earned can then be spent on accessing premium content or simply sold for fiat on an exchange.

Technical details

From a technical point of view, Sharpay will initially issue tokens under the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, but then transition to a fork of the BitShares’s blockchain, due to its much higher transaction rate.

Sharpay blockchain comparison



The CEO of Sharpay is IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist and inventor Anton Solodikov. Previously he was the CEO at Balalike LLP UK (development of content monetization systems) and CMO at GOLOS.io (blockchain and social network, tokens x20).

Igor Karavaev is the CBDO. He is a former Executive director at the Skolkovo Foundation, the leading Russian business incubator of start-ups, and also a former Director of strategy and business development of some of the largest Russian corporations.

Arkady Yasashny is the CFO. He is a former top manager for some of the largest Russian banks (VTB, MDM, Union) and an entrepreneur and investor in high-tech start-ups.

Alexey Stukarchuk is the CTO. He is a blockchain enthusiast, experienced developer of ERP and CRM systems for international companies (including Skoda, Bosch, Ulmart), mobile application developer (iOS, Android) and development team leader.

They also have some high profile advisers like Ken Huang, Chief Blockchain Scientist, VP at Huawei Technologies and Simon Choi, TOP 10 at ICObench, Fintech & ICO Lawyer.


Following the pre-sale between 11th December 2017 and 11th February 2018, their ICO public sale has been underway since 1st march 2018 and will conclude on 31st may 2018. They have already successfully reached their soft cap of $3,000,000 and have so far collected 7638 ETH, which shows great interest from contributors. They also received excellent ratings from ICO Bench (4.8) and Track ICO (5.0).

Quick overview

  • Sharpay.io is a top rated project evaluated by 103 independent experts on ICOBench with the overall rating of 4.8,
  • The project is in the MVP alpha testing stage, but hundreds websites have already installed Sharpay buttons,
  • The product’s technology has the Eurasian international patent priority,
  • Sharpay’s Token Sale is live until 31 May 2018,
  • Sharpay raised the Soft Cap in the first week.

For more details please visit sharpay.io.

Luka GlogoskiMay 7, 2018


DateCoin ICO: why the blockchain and AI will change the dating industry and how the creators of the project want to breathe new life into the crypto world.


With almost a month left until the end of DateCoin’s ICO, the team has already raised the SoftCap.

DTC is a highly liquid utility token based on the ERC-20 standard and designed on the basis of the proven on-line dating business model. As the number of users grows and the demand increases, so will the price of thier token.

The project team prepared the ICO for more than seven months, developing the concept of maintaining the course of the tokens and creating an innovative online dating service based on the use of advanced technologies. They include artificial intelligence, blockchain, neural networks, big data processing, etc.

The basis for the creation of the service will be the Denim application, which has been successfully working since 2015. Its audience exceeded 800 000 people and the profit in 2017 amounted to more than 2.5 million dollars (compared to previous year, the yield increased 15 times). Today, every potential supporter of the project can download the application and get acquainted with its functionality at datecoin.io/mvp.

DateCoin ICO is Live

The initial demand for the DTC tokens will come from existing Denim users. Every one of the hundreds of thousands of Denim users have already received one token, during the Valentine’s Day promotional campaign organised by the DateCoin team in honor of the blockchain and cryptoeconomy.

Users of the service will be incentivised to buy the tokens, as the payment system will make using thier coins significantly more profitable. In addition, DTC holders will be offered a number of unique services available only for tokens. So, for example, if a user wants to watch a video of a girl, he will need to buy tokens in order to do this.

According to DateCoin forecasts, by 2020 the service will have more than 20 million active users. Most of them will buy the token on the exchanges in order to pay for additional functionality and to get a discount, which will ensure that the coin will be in constant demand even after the ICO, resulting in a positive impact on its exchange rate.

DateCoin ICO

DateCoin team say they are ready to revolutionise the field of online dating. The use of advanced technologies will solve many existing problems of the industry and improve the efficiency of dating and create a product with no competitive analogues. Artificial intelligence within the DateCoin app will perform all the difficult work for its users, like analyze user preferences, history of previous contacts, and other related information in order to select potential partners or acquaintances, who are likely to turn into something more than just a dull correspondence.

The users of DateCoin won’t need to spend huge amounts of time viewing profiles that are not interesting to them or deal with fake photos and accounts. The problem of user identification will be solved with the help of blockchain technology, which will create an atmosphere of trust in the service. Thanks to the technology of distributed data – a record of each confirmed account will ensure its authenticity, therefore, the problem of “fake accounts” and bots will go away forever. Special attention will be paid to the cyber security of the service.

DateCoin ICO

The global online dating market is a fast growing industry with a current total turnover of more than $5 billion, and is projected to exceed $6 billion next year. One in four people alive today have used on-line services at least once in their lifetime, and 7% of the world’s population uses them all the time. As people become more familiar with online technologies and as new service come onstream, this trend will only increase in the future.

All this testifies to the strength of this project and bodes well for the future value of their DateCoin token.

More details about their project can be found at datecoin.io.

Luka KovičMarch 18, 2018


Eligma, AI-driven and Blockchain-based commerce platform is presenting the first of its many features. Elipay system will showcase the usage of crypto payments beyond trading and exchanges, also into the offline world.

The team behind Eligma announced that they will start testing their Elipay system in the first Bitcoin city starting this April. Their »testing lab« is BTC CITY Ljubljana, the largest commercial, trading and business center in the heart of Slovenia, Ljubljana, where they will offer transactions with cryptocurrencies in some selected offline stores.

EliPay, the platforms cryptocurrency transaction system, is set to enable the cryptocurrency transactions online and offline. In the early development and testing phase during the crowdsale campaign (token sale with hard cap of 24 million U.S. dollars starts on 17th April), EliPay will showcase its usability in BTC City. Jože Mermal, Chairman and CEO of BTC said, that the company is looking forward to the implementation of the technology.

He added: “The BTC d.d. company strives for the development and implementation of the latest technologies into its business environment. As a strategic partner of the Eligma company, we will, therefore, enable the testing of Eligma’s EliPay system in a real environment at selected business partners in BTC CITY Ljubljana. EliPay will enable the use of cryptocurrencies both online and in the physical world, creating a modern, transparent and simple shopping experience for our visitors and business partners.”

Dejan Roljič, the man behind Eligma and their system called EliPay was thrilled with the partnership:
“We are lucky in partnering with BTC d.d., a company which runs an esteemed Slovenian retail, logistics, business and entertainment center called BTC City Ljubljana, with over 60 years of tradition. Its area, which spreads over 475,000 square meters, annually attracts more than 21 million visitors. With its unique ecosystem and more than 450 stores, BTC CITY hosts more than 4,000 business partners; they are an ideal testing lab, where we plan on testing EliPay and launching the first version of Eligma by the end of 2018,” stated Dejan Roljič, founder and CEO of the start-up behind the idea.

With a first-stage roadmap and milestones spread over the next three years, the Eligma team is planning to develop a complete technological solution for resolving the drawbacks of commerce and e-commerce and simplifying the shopping experience. The start-up will be selling 300,000,000 ELI tokens with the hard cap of 24 million U.S. dollars through a public crowdsale, starting on 17 April, with the pre-sale for early project believers and contributors starting on 20 March. To learn more about the AI-driven blockchain platform that has a vision of transforming online shopping experience, visit www.eligma.io.


On their first day of official operations, Eligma has signed up Big Bang Slovenija tech store, Dulcis Caffe with 4 restaurants, the Vodno mesto Atlantis water park complex and the Modni dodatki Bijoux accessory store all located within the BTC shopping complex.

Time is quickly running out to complete the KYC procedure for the public presale which starts tomorrow, March 20th at 12:00:00 UTC.

Luka GlogoskiMarch 6, 2018


A large number of high profile, oversubscribed and sold-out-in-minutes ICOs have listed on exchanges recently, so we took a look at how they are performing so far.


Price performance so far has been in line with the current market sentiment, i.e. poor. Even though InsurePal sold out in just 2 minutes, as did Medicalchain and CargoX, with GAS prices that went through the roof just to get your transaction through, the tokens have mostly disappointed once they entered the open markets.

A few of them offered very short time periods were moderate profits could have been taken, but now most of them are under their initial listing price. Let’s have a closer look.

Medicalchain price chart
Medicalchain price chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)
Bee Token Price Chart
Bee Token Price Chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)
Cargo X Price Chart
Cargo X Price Chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)
InsurePal Price Chart
InsurePal Price Chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)
Origin Trail Price Chart
OriginTrail Price Chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)
SportyCo Price Chart
SportyCo Price Chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)
carVertical Price Chart
carVertical Price Chart (Courtesy of CoinMarketCap.com)

Price analysis

A quick look over the charts pretty much says everything you need to know, but let’s have a closer look at the numbers, to get a better idea of how these ICOs have performed so far.

ICO Price Performance Analysis

2100NEWS Recent ICO Price Analysis Graph (Price Multipliers Relative to Initial Listing Price)
2100NEWS Recent ICO Price Analysis Graph (Price Multipliers Relative to Initial Listing Price)
2100NEWS Recent ICO Price Analysis Graph (Price Multipliers Relative to ICO Price)
2100NEWS Recent ICO Price Analysis Graph (Price Multipliers Relative to ICO Price)


While all ICOs listed on exchanges above their ICO price, the window for profit taking was short in most cases or the multiples achieved have been disappointing so far. OriginTrail and SportyCo have performed the best out of the group, but only OriginTrail is currently still above its exchange listing price.

To be fair not all tokens have been on the market the same amount of time or have been listed on major exchanges (just look at some of the very low 24-hour volumes), however it still paints a fairly worrying picture for any future ICO investors.

The days of 10x, 100x and even 1000x profits look like a distant memory at the moment. It’s probably safe to say that the ICO space is entering a more mature phase, where market players are no longer FOMO-ing in. The crazy, manic, wild west token price action days, at least for now, appear to be over.

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