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DateCoin ICO is Looking to Disrupt the on-line Dating Industry

DateCoin ICO: why the blockchain and AI will change the dating industry and how the creators of the project want to breathe new life into the crypto world.


With almost a month left until the end of DateCoin’s ICO, the team has already raised the SoftCap.

DTC is a highly liquid utility token based on the ERC-20 standard and designed on the basis of the proven on-line dating business model. As the number of users grows and the demand increases, so will the price of thier token.

The project team prepared the ICO for more than seven months, developing the concept of maintaining the course of the tokens and creating an innovative online dating service based on the use of advanced technologies. They include artificial intelligence, blockchain, neural networks, big data processing, etc.

The basis for the creation of the service will be the Denim application, which has been successfully working since 2015. Its audience exceeded 800 000 people and the profit in 2017 amounted to more than 2.5 million dollars (compared to previous year, the yield increased 15 times). Today, every potential supporter of the project can download the application and get acquainted with its functionality at

DateCoin ICO is Live

The initial demand for the DTC tokens will come from existing Denim users. Every one of the hundreds of thousands of Denim users have already received one token, during the Valentine’s Day promotional campaign organised by the DateCoin team in honor of the blockchain and cryptoeconomy.

Users of the service will be incentivised to buy the tokens, as the payment system will make using thier coins significantly more profitable. In addition, DTC holders will be offered a number of unique services available only for tokens. So, for example, if a user wants to watch a video of a girl, he will need to buy tokens in order to do this.

According to DateCoin forecasts, by 2020 the service will have more than 20 million active users. Most of them will buy the token on the exchanges in order to pay for additional functionality and to get a discount, which will ensure that the coin will be in constant demand even after the ICO, resulting in a positive impact on its exchange rate.

DateCoin ICO

DateCoin team say they are ready to revolutionise the field of online dating. The use of advanced technologies will solve many existing problems of the industry and improve the efficiency of dating and create a product with no competitive analogues. Artificial intelligence within the DateCoin app will perform all the difficult work for its users, like analyze user preferences, history of previous contacts, and other related information in order to select potential partners or acquaintances, who are likely to turn into something more than just a dull correspondence.

The users of DateCoin won’t need to spend huge amounts of time viewing profiles that are not interesting to them or deal with fake photos and accounts. The problem of user identification will be solved with the help of blockchain technology, which will create an atmosphere of trust in the service. Thanks to the technology of distributed data – a record of each confirmed account will ensure its authenticity, therefore, the problem of “fake accounts” and bots will go away forever. Special attention will be paid to the cyber security of the service.

DateCoin ICO

The global online dating market is a fast growing industry with a current total turnover of more than $5 billion, and is projected to exceed $6 billion next year. One in four people alive today have used on-line services at least once in their lifetime, and 7% of the world’s population uses them all the time. As people become more familiar with online technologies and as new service come onstream, this trend will only increase in the future.

All this testifies to the strength of this project and bodes well for the future value of their DateCoin token.

More details about their project can be found at

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