Weekly Insights #34

June 10, 2019 0 3

June 7: This week, the crypto market experienced a correction after rapid growth in the previous two months, and major crypto assets experienced a decline on the weekly chart. The biggest loser of the week is EOS, which declined right after the big announcement on Jun 1, explained below. Apple and Facebook revealed more information regarding […]

Weekly Insights #33

June 4, 2019 0 3

May 31: The week ended with a steep dump all across the crypto market, but the majority of crypto assets still achieved positive gains for the week, and some assets even set yearly highs before the decline. Market sentiment is increasingly bullish, as bitcoin crossed 9K USD mark for a short period and on-chain transactions […]

Weekly Insights #32

May 27, 2019 0 3

May 24: The crypto market is currently crisscrossed with positive as well as negative news. The Positive news is focused primarily around fundamental developments in various crypto projects and their expanding adoption, while negative news is mostly comprised of the usual trinity: tether drama, dubious projects, and crypto exchange malfunctions.   NOTEWORTHY NEWS FINRA Approves […]

Weekly Insights #31

May 21, 2019 0 3

May 17: Crypto market prices increased drastically in the past week and experienced a big decline only this morning. The origin of this recent dip is being attributed to the Bitstamp exchange, which experienced odd trading activity and had all of their USD/crypto markets crash nearly 20% in minutes, causing a $250M long squeeze on […]

Weekly Insights #30

May 11, 2019 0 3

May 10: The crypto market is experiencing a rally led by BTC and ETH, with the latter nearing the $200 mark, and it’s turning the sentiment positive across the entire crypto space. There is still some doubt in the air regarding drama surrounding Tether and the recent Binance hack, but investors don’t seem to mind […]

Weekly Insights #29

May 6, 2019 0 3

May 3: Bitcoin is seemingly waking up from its long winter sleep, but the reasons for its recent spike don’t have much to do with the oldest cryptocurrency’s fundamental developments. The overall crypto market capitalization increased by 6.24% this week, quickly turning the crypto community’s sentiment more positive. While India is looking into banning all […]

Weekly Insights #28

April 30, 2019 0 3

April 26: Despite the good news regarding Samsung, which is developing its own blockchain and making an investment into crypto wallet startup Ledger, the crypto market has experienced a downward move. Supposedly triggered by problematic news concerning Bitfinex and Tether, the entire crypto market lost 5% in value this week. Interestingly, demand for the DAI […]

Weekly Insights #27

April 13, 2019 0 3

April 12: The crypto market experienced a slight price slump in the past week, likely just a healthy correction after a quick run-up of almost 30% the week before. This week’s news ranges from Vitalik Buterin urging South Korea to deregulate blockchain and embrace crypto to his rapping on stage at 2019’s EDCON. Additionally, managing […]

Weekly Insights #26

April 6, 2019 0 3

April 5: April has started out as a green month for the crypto markets, with an average price return north of 15% for the top cryptocurrencies so far. Andreessen Horowitz is looking to ditch their venture capital status and transition into the role of financial advisor in order to be able to invest more deeply […]

Weekly Insights #25

April 3, 2019 2 3

April 2: The crypto market greatly increased this week. The largest price movement occurred on Tuesday, with bitcoin increasing by more than 15% in a 24-hour period. This kind of price dynamic has not been present for quite some time. In other news, the Bithumb exchange lost a large amount of assets in a hack, Coinbase […]

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