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Bitcoin – What is it and is It Right for Online Business?



Bitcoins are defined as a crypto currency, which is a digital currency or a currency that is virtual. You can also say that it is an online version of cash that can be used to buy goods and services. But one thing, Bitcoins are not accepted at every shop. Many countries have banned them altogether, even social media agency Dubai has also marketed the bitcoins because of its enormous favorable benefits. In actual, the bitcoins we usually see in images, are innovative. If the secret code will not be printed inside them, then they would be considered as worthless.

Let’s get deep into the workings of Bitcoins for your awareness and understanding and to answer your wished thoughts and questions.


What does Bitcoin work?

Every single Bitcoin is a computer file that is stored in a digit wallet app on a smartphone or computer. One can send you those Bitcoins from their wallets, and you can send them to others likewise. Every transaction of yours is then get saved in the public list called a block chain. It helps to get people traced and restrict them from spending extra if they are spending coins they do not own or making duplicates or undoing transactions.


How to get Bitcoins?

There are three key ways to get Bitcoins:

  1. You can get Bitcoins by giving real cash.
  2. You can sell things in replace to buy Bitcoins.
  3. They can be bent through the computer system.


Creation of Bitcoins?

For the Bitcoin system works, people can make their computer method transactions for one and all. Computers can perform complicated sums. The owner can be rewarded for the Bitcoins occasionally as well. Many people used to set up powerful machines to get and try Bitcoins, which is also called mining.


Are they valuable?

In our everyday life, many things are considered valuable for transaction purposes, just like gold, diamonds other than money. Similarly, the Aztecs have given the worth to cocoa beans as money! Equally, Bitcoins are also valued because they can be easily exchanged for real goods and services even against cash.


Are Bitcoins right for online Business?

Bitcoins is one of the emerging markets for customers who already have bitcoins and want to spend them. They are one of the safest ways to handle online payments of businesses. Introducing Bitcoins in your online markets give new exposure to your customers and make them unique. It also provides some new visibility to your Business. Accepting the latest payment methods represents one of the cleverer practices adopted by online businesses.


Easy to send online payments across borders

To send payments across borders is far easy through bitcoins. No bank hurdles, which could spend your time for days to wait for the processing of the payments. No extra fees for international payment transfers. Even there is not any limitation on the amount of money you can send. Using them allows a high level of transparency because you can provide evidence to authenticate balances and transactions through the blockchain. Like, non-profit organizations can permit the community to see how much they have in donations.


Security of Bitcoins

Every transaction of yours is recorded publicly, so it’s tough to duplicate them. And to make fake copies or to spend the ones you don’t own. Numerous consulting companies offer staff augmentation ​services to keep a record of the bitcoins and keep a check on their flow. In case, if you lose your wallet or get them deleted, you may lose them forever. If your Bitcoins are being theft through the website, then you can let them stored remotely. Their value keeps on fluctuating every next day, like many used to consider it the safest medium, whereas others used to feel unsafe to turn real money into Bitcoins.


The interest of people towards Bitcoins

Many Bitcoin users liked the fact that state laws or banks are not controlling them. One can spend the bitcoins reasonably anonymously. Even though all transactions are chronicled, nobody would be aware that ‘account number’ was yours unless you shared them.



Bitcoin has come to transactional popularity so quickly. Many companies around the world have started using it with high satisfaction and reputation. Whereas many consider it invaluable or unsafe as well. People in third world countries are finding Bitcoins as the most reliable source of giving and taking money.

Bitcoins are taking hype day by day, and will shortly rule the world in case of business transactions as the safest medium.



Guest Author: Umer Ishfaq

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