Movers of the Day

Written by on January 16, 2019

Tokens and coins that moved the most in the last 24 hours:

Top movers of the day are Unobtanium and Augur. Since 6 pm Augur has increased by 5.08% while Unobtanium has stayed at the same level. Generally, most tokens and coins ended the day in green. 2100NEWS DA Indexes ended up between 0.37% and 3.25%. Our main 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of top 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization ended up 0.99%. Bitcoin ended up 0.29%, Ether ended up 2.32%.

Augur (REP)

2100NEWS ranking: 48, Large cap Ethereum based Token , Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSTo100, NWSET100

Augur is a public source and a distributed prediction market system created on Ethereum, a blockchain technology that allows the execution of smart contracts. JavaScript is also employed for a browser-based GUI supplementing the command line.

Top movers of the day at 18:10 are ION and Apollo Currency. Since 1 pm ION has increased by 7.84% and Apollo Currency even by 9.95. After taking a breath, Tierion went up more than 15% in the afternoon. Most tokens and coins are slightly lower than at 1 pm. 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of top 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization has decreased by 0.72%. Micro caps represented by 2100NEWS Digital Assets 500 MicroCap Index (NWSMi500) are amost 1% lower that at 1 pm. Bitcoin has fallen by 0.61% and Ether even by 1.99%. 

Tierion (TNT)

2100NEWS ranking: 352, Small cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSS300

Tierion is launching a universal platform for data verification that operates at massive scale.   Businesses safeguard and notarize important documents such as property titles and contracts to ensure anyone can prove their veracity. Surprisingly, there isn’t a universal equivalent for safeguarding digital data. Tierion solves this problem by providing a “proof engine” for the Internet. 

Top movers of the day at 13:10 are Gifto and Tierion. Since 8 am Gifto has increased additionally by 6.51%. The noticeable move up of 17.76% has made Aeternity. In the morning, the tokens and coins continued to grow. Since 8 am 2100NEWS DA Indexes which measure performance of different groups of tokens and coins have increased between 0.40% and 1.61%. Because of REPO’s P&D our 2100NEWS DA NonEthereum Based Index (NWSOT50) jumped by 8.02%. To explain: At night, REPO dropped by almost 90%, while jumped back by 81% in the morning (see the chart below of REPO’s movement and NWSOT50). REPO’s weight in that index is about 10%.

Gifto (GTO)

2100NEWS ranking: 184, Mid cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200

A decentralized virtual gifting protocol to incentivize and monetize content generation for individuals worldwide. Virtual gifting is a highly effective monetization method for content creators. In 2017, Uplive, AIG’s live streaming platform generated more than USD 100 MM in revenue through virtual gifting. GIFTO aims to take the gifting model within live streaming and implement it across platforms globally, including YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Top moves of the day are Tierion and VITE. Since midnight the significant move up of 16.00% has made Gifto while the winner Tierion has dropped by 12.90%. Generally, most tokens and coins started higher than yesterday EOD. Since midnight 2100NEWS Digital Assets Total Index (NWST1100) which measures the performance of top 1100 crypto assets by market capitalization has increased 0.70%. Because of REPO 2100NEWS DA NonEthereum Based Index (NWSOT50) has dropped by 5.05%. Bitcoin and Ether are also higher than at midnight: Bitcoin +0.38%, Ether +1.42%.


2100NEWS ranking: 283, Mid cap, Index member: NWST1100, NWSM200

Vite is a decentralized platform for event creation, promotion, and ticket sales. Vite events and tickets are verified through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain decreasing promotion costs as well as the prevalence of counterfeit tickets. Vite is unique in that allows event planners to select exactly who receives an invite to events, show real-time footage of events, and to share events on the app from other social media platforms.


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