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»Upward momentum has a way of snowballing in crypto markets no matter what the drivers of that momentum may have originally been.”
2100NEWS is the information highway for all stakeholders in the crypto community. Movers of the Day and Weekly Crypto Report are pebbles in the crypto mosaic, added by 2100NEWS.

Snapshot of the situation

Mainstream crypto »approach« In early stage was an alliance between token issuers, who wanted to get money for the implementation of projects and supporters, which in reality were in most cases not supporters, but were merely seeking the opportunity for plenty of earnings. In the romantic phase of this socializing in 2017, when digital asset prices were predominantly growing, we could ask ourselves whether or not the community was just a fan club of the project or token that has a common interest in raising the price and looking for a bigger fool for the buyer. The crypto market was driven by volatility, news and mass psychology.

Companies issuing Digital assets need unconditional support of the general public. They try to achieve this by advertising the idealized image of their projects thru PR and marketing, flooding the community with all kinds of positive news and deleting all unwanted topics on their communication channels.

On the other hand the Community around Digital Assets (Coins or Tokens) is a sum of the technological and financial community. As we can notice that on many unofficial crypto news outlets for example Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Massive followings of this communities give them the ability to manipulate markets either intentionally or unintentionally.  They can drown out the voice of even the major token issuing companies, who usually can’t match them by audience size.

The ICO token buyers (backers) are legally considered to be only supporters of the project. However,  they did not become the supporters out of goodwill but rether out of greed and promise of fast earnings on the secondary market. When Digital Asset are listed on exchanges, their support becomes of secondary importance, and backers usually become mere  “investors or traders”.

At a later stage in mid-2018, when digital asset prices fell by 80 percent or more, it began to show that this mainstream approach for all stakeholders, in particular supporters, may not be good for all stakeholders in particular backer and that it might be better for them if they would apply more principles of classical investment in capital markets. The rapidly evolving Market, with its steady changes, also requires responses that match the pace of development.


Our pebbles in the crypto mosaic

We look forward to contributing and help drive this forward by doing what we love the most. We are dedicated to giving insight about the current and past movement of this young market to everyone, who is interested. Movers of the Day and Weekly Crypto Report are pebbles in the crypto mosaic, added by 2100NEWS, who are giving market participants a quick and concise impression of the direction of the relevant market segment or asset class.


The Voice

Our The Voice approach is different from the dominant hype or automatic calculation gainers/losers without enough depth of insight that can lead to a totally incorrect assessment of the situation. Our rational addition is based on measurement and experience from financial markets, so we created DA indexes as benchmarks, examined properties, build the environment and participants for such a rational look, which until now has been lacking.


Movers of the Day like Market Analysis

We analyze and gauge the entire crypto market. Any tool that provides insights into what drives token’s and coin’s prices up and down is a welcome addition to every investor’s arsenal. Our analyzing tools are a family of cryptocurrency indexes, 2100NEWS DA (Digital Assets) Indexes which will serve for general insight into crypto markets and measure for their current and past movements.

We analyze the market with indexes through the day and with weekly comments. We study and record behavior.


Movers of the Day like DA picking

  1. Otherwise, selecting the Movers of the Day is in some way Digital Assets picking, the ones that are going to happen are selected. As a result of the selection formed, the group has some properties, they are better than the average but they have above-average volatility.
  2. Movers of the Day DA picking is not an automatic algorithmic search, but something more what we have labeled the Voice. From this, benefits arise because someone took the time and checked if the selected Digital Asset fulfills a wider set of important properties (for example kind of market situation, according to a technical analysis of the price movement, bid-ask spread on the exchanges …)
  3. Since their price movements of Movers are very large, the volatility is also appropriate. The price pullback or correction after the main move could transfer Movers winners to losers in the next day.
  4. Movers of the day should be taken as a warning that with Digital Assets, which we own, something happens that it might be meaningful to do something (partly sell or make an additional purchase).
  5. In the Movers of the Day article, we evaluate: the type of price movement and we use the time-shifted axes to evaluate the trading status of the token, cause for price movement. The reasons for the move can be:
    • market tides,
    • publications of price sensitive information. The new exchange listing announcement cause price to rise (in fact, the quality, the liquidity gap is decreasing), but the value of the project does not change significantly (something bigger, but not a few times bigger); in fact, the price is oversold. The quotation actually causes “pump and dump” – example ADT, DOCK, RFR
    • PR and marketing information and announcements (who said something at the conference) initially raise the price (similar to listing) and the price usually also very quickly returns to the previous level.
  1. The reader, however, has to decide if the described movement in Movers of the said digital assets can be used to generate him profit.
  2. Warnings to investors, if Digital asset is on the list Movers of the Day, what that could mean.

About us

We are the new economy news hub. 2100NEWS is the professional index, data, and tools provider in the digital asset space, offering Crypto Market Intelligence, providing the perspective you can trust and equipping you with information edge you need to stay ahead. (Real-time data of token issuers and news, analysis and commentary from community.) We are very excited to contribute to the evolution of the industry and build an ecosystem around our offering (the institutional-grade data infrastructure required to enable institutional investments in digital assets). We want our contributions (Contents and Tools on 2100NEWS.com) to be useful for helping investors.



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