May 16, 20181min1808

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Loopring (LRC) $0,732283 USD (11,47%)  0,00008920 BTC (18,61%)

Bithumb listing.

WAX (WAX) $0,331524 USD (11,63%)  0,00004039 BTC (18,78%)

Another Bithumb listing.

TenX (PAY) $1,42 USD (6,33%)  0,00017237 BTC (12,98%)

Bithumb listing strikes again.


Gifto (GTO) $0,389707 USD (4,99%)  0,00004739 BTC (11,55%)

And the reason for the spike is yet again Bithumb listing.

Power Ledger (POWR) $0,525050 USD (4,05%)  0,00006385 BTC (10,55%)

This might come as a schock but Bithumb strikes again.

Worst Performers:

Mithril (MITH)
$0,843733 USD (−24,05%)
0,00010275 BTC (−19,20%)

Enigma (ENG)
$2,49 USD (−20,58%)
0,00030374 BTC (−15,52%)

$0,310823 USD (−20,57%)
0,00003785 BTC (−15,50%)

Kin (KIN)
$0,000235 USD (−21,48%)
0,00000003 BTC (−16,46%) (GTC)
$0,172872 USD (−17,67%)
0,00002105 BTC (−12,43%)

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