May 17, 20182min1264

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:


Paypex (PAYX) $2,34 USD (58,14%)  0,00028002 BTC (55,39%)


Here’s how Paypexcompares to the top 10 coins from paypex


iExec RLC (RLC) $2,41 USD (43,58%)  0,00028804 BTC (41,07%)

18 May 2018  iExec RLC (RLC) Release v2.0

Collaboration with Intel and RSK.


Crypterium (CRPT) $1,15 USD (20,21%)  0,00013764 BTC (18,13%)

New website.



Veritaseum (VERI) $106,52 USD (19,39%)  0,01274130 BTC (17,30%)

Reggie Middelton is rocking at the Consensus


Bibox Token (BIX) $0,873557 USD (17,75%)  0,00010449 BTC (15,69%)

BIX was featured in article Top 5 best cryptocurrencies to watch for June 2018

In December we did a call to buy KuCoin shares. On that call we made 3500% in just one month. KuCoin token went up all the way to around 20$. Too bad the bear market killed the hype around KuCoin. At this moment we like the Bibox token. At the moment Bibox does around twice the volume as the KuCoin Exchange. When you hold Bibox token in your Bibox account you will earn a passive income. This passive income comes from 30% of the revenue of Bibox. So it could pay off to hold a big stack of BIX tokens.


Worst Performers:

Gifto (GTO)
$0,334302 USD (−13,85%)
0,00004013 BTC (−14,95%)

Power Ledger (POWR)
$0,446476 USD (−13,69%)
0,00005359 BTC (−14,79%)

$0,277755 USD (−13,34%)
0,00003334 BTC (−14,45%)

Nexo (NEXO)
$0,237478 USD (−7,00%)
0,00002851 BTC (−8,18%)

$0,290994 USD (−6,65%)
0,00003493 BTC (−7,84%)

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