May 15, 20182min1110

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:


Theta Token (THETA) $0,224569 USD (23,52%)  0,00002587 BTC (19,48%)

There is test net coming next month. And the price is a natural response to a thin order book so there’s not much upside resistance. Price is going to appreciate much more as people learn about theta.

Here is a video from influencer The Crypto Lark with ower 73.000 subscribers. (GTC) $0,201094 USD (19,65%)  0,00002317 BTC (15,74%)

Price rse right beafore the event set by the CEO, this is strange convinient coincidence.


Matrix AI Network (MAN) $1,44 USD (18,60%)  0,00016576 BTC (14,60%)

There are Tweets like this all ower the place.



IHT Real Estate Protocol (IHT) $0,193747 USD (16,90%)  0,00002230 BTC (12,95%)

No info.


Holo (HOT) $0,001284 USD (16,84%)  0,00000015 BTC (12,89%)

Holochain got featured as #3 most undervalued coin by DataDash!

Worst Performers:

Kin (KIN)
$0,000304 USD (−15,89%)
0,00000003 BTC (−18,99%)

Centrality (CENNZ)
$0,274289 USD (−12,75%)
0,00003142 BTC (−15,97%)

True Chain (TRUE)
$3,18 USD (−9,82%)
0,00036463 BTC (−13,15%)

Dentacoin (DCN)
$0,001010 USD (−6,53%)
0,00000012 BTC (−9,99%)

Aragon (ANT)
$4,21 USD (−5,53%)
0,00048176 BTC (−9,02%)

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