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NSA Says It’s Classified Whether They Created Bitcoin or Not

America’s National Security Agency (NSA) has been officially asked a very complex question if they are responsible for the creation of Bitcoin.

This is a response by NSA to an unidentified individual who asked them:

“For any and all records pertaining to NSA’s involvement in Bitcoin, either as a consultant, or pertaining to the research teams involved in its creation.”


NSA relies on an exception stated in Executive Order 13526 signed by then President Obama in December 2009 and conveniently classified the matter.

No one can say for sure whether they did or didn’t create Bitcoin because we don’t know who did invent it, so it can be anyone.

SHA-256 (is a set of cryptographic hash functions used in Bitcoin) is designed by the NSA – do they have a backdoor?

SHA-2 is an open algorithm and it uses as its constants the sequential prime cube roots as a form of “nothing up my sleeve numbers”. For someone to find a weakness or backdoor in SHA would be the equivalent of the Nobel prize in cryptography. Everyone who is anyone in the cryptography community has looked at SHA-2. Not just everyone with a higher degree in mathematics, computer science, or cryptography in the last 20 years but foreign intelligence agencies and major financial institutions. Nobody has found a flaw, not even a theoretical one (a faster than brute force solution which requires so much energy/time as to have no real-world value).

To believe the NSA has broken SHA-2 would be to believe that the NSA found something the entire rest of the world combined hasn’t found for twenty years. Also, NIST still considers SHA-2 secure and prohibits the use of any other hashing algorithm (to include SHA-3 so far) in classified networks. So that would mean the NSA is keeping a flaw/exploit from NIST compromising US national security.


Roberto Escobars comment on CIAs invovlment in Bicoin:

Roberto Escobar: There is no backdoor. I never said that. Read my book. The CIA owns $10 billion worth of Bitcoin. Easy. They will sell their coins, crash the market, whenever they feel like it. American government has done this type of game many many times. People will see. They are wrong for investing in this worthless government coin by CIA. They will all lose everything. Soon.


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