April 16, 20185min1635

Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:


SingularityNET $0,233125 USD (29,79%)  0,00002888 BTC (30,28%) 

Is this rapid price increase a correction or pump & dump? Your thoughts…. from SingularityNet

AirSwap $0,461292 USD (27,34%)  0,00005728 BTC (28,10%) 

Buying the rumor? Airswap rebrand & new platform launch on April 25th?

Kin $0,000167 USD (10,85%)  0,00000002 BTC (11,25%) 

30 April 2018 (or earlier)  Kin (KIN) First Ambassadors Meetup

Kin is planning the first ever Kin’s Ambassadors Meetup! This event is exclusive and will include up to 30 of Kin’s strongest contributors.

DigixDAO $255,18 USD (7,48%)  0,03162500 BTC (7,88%) 

DigixDAO gold token DGD pre-launch via CCEDK acount digixdao

Zilliqa $0,063827 USD (8,11%)  0,00000787 BTC (8,01%) 

Zilliqa Project Update

Also announcing a new team member- Clark Yang joins as core developer

Worst performance:


PayPie $0,777511 USD (−7,36%)  0,00009601 BTC (−7,34%) 

Binance Coin $12,44 USD (−7,23%)  0,00153599 BTC (−7,22%) 

Decentraland $0,094468 USD (−6,88%)  0,00001167 BTC (−6,86%) 

SmartMesh $0,051654 USD (−7,08%)  0,00000638 BTC (−7,07%) 

Ontology $4,28 USD (−5,93%)  0,00052877 BTC (−5,92%) 



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