2100NEWS Visits Privacy Days Conference at Mokrice Castle

April 13, 20181min1746

For the last two days our 2100NEWS team has been enjoying the hospitality at the picturesque Mokrice Castle and speaking with world class experts on data privacy. Here are a few quick reports from our Facebook page, which you should definitely follow 😉


“The opportunuty here, in the GDPR, is to create long term loyalty with your consumers.” – Geraldine Proust, EU Affairs Manager. #GDPR #PrivacyDays #2100news

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Today and tomorrow our team is attending Privacy Days conference at Mokrice Castle. The main topic is the General Data…

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Keynote speaker is Bruno Gencarelli, so-called “Father of GDPR”, while dr. Nataša Pirc Musar is the programme host. #2100news #GDPR #InfoHouse #MokriceCastle InfoHouse

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Andrej Tomšič (Deputy Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia) talks penalties for violating GDPR restrictions. According to him, DATA is the new OIL :). InfoHouse

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We are interviewing Ian Evans, Managing Director, EMEA at OneTrust – the leading and fastest growing privacy management…

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