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Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Mithril $0,263949 USD (36,56%)  0,00003872 BTC (37,06%) 

At the end of the month March this was at all time high which actually drew the attention of many people towards this market. It has already entered in correction phase and after that market will rely on many factors for a further price increase.
The project has MVP and a LIT app which was released just a few days ago, which is already on App Store

EOS $8,35 USD (31,44%)  0,00122008 BTC (31,45%) 


15 April 2018EOS (EOS) eosDAC Airdrop To EOS

All EOS holders holding over 100 tokens at the end of Day
(April 15th 2018, 01:00:00 UTC) will receive 1 eosDAC token for each EOS token.

Why is no one talking about the real reason EOS is going up? Antpool is becoming a BP candidate. 

Comment from a Reddit user eosview:

Antpool no doubt is the one doing this pumping, imo. They have probably been accumulating for months, and have now just released this info the same day EOS starts pumping. It seems like they accumulated 90% of their goal during the bear market, and are using 10% to pump the price to make instant profits on their 90%

another user asked:

So they dump soon?

eosview replied:

Why would they dump? That would make no sense, they are trying to secure a large amount of eos to vote themselves in for BP

another user asked:

so why pump? why not continue to accumulate

DepthsOfDesp replied:

Because you can assume they now hold enough voting power to make sure they are in the top 20 bps, they don’t need more, now they just need their competitors to find it hard to get in.


aelf$1,09 USD (34,39%)  0,00015925 BTC (34,57%) 

ELF BitHumb Listing

Don’t ask me how I know, but in less than 2 hours it will be listed

My bot in my discord group picked it up at 13k sats. https://discord.gg/t9QsAX9


DEW $0,524414 USD (17,02%)  0,00007686 BTC (17,50%) 

DEW Coin Burn in 2018 Spring

Dear users:

The total commission fee received in the first three months has been counted. Specific data are as follows:
Total commission fee income: 3,950,072.6253 DEW
Destruction amount = Total commission fee income* 40%= 1,580,029.05012 DEW

Destroyed token will be transferred to an exclusive wallet address, and ultimately be sent to an Ethereum wallet address that no one holds the private key.
Token destruction wallet address: 0xe09cb7f55b0d73a9afa6e9b8e9873d7ed970f27b

We have finished token destruction for this quarter.
Destruction TxHash:

Thanks for your support!

DEW fund
21 Mar, 2018

Bytom $0,687072 USD (13,82%)  0,00010047 BTC (14,10%) 

They are going to announce Bytom Algorithm Public Release in BostonMIT on April 15th!


Biggest Losers:

Quantstamp $0,119064 USD (−7,60%)  0,00001741 BTC (−7,36%) 

Polymath $0,334843 USD (−7,53%)  0,00004896 BTC (−7,29%) 

Cube $0,009484 USD (−5,32%)  0,00000139 BTC (−5,06%) 

Credits $0,481676 USD (−3,94%)   0,00007044 BTC (−3,67%) 

Golem $0,263282 USD (−5,66%)  0,00003850 BTC (−5,40%) 

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