April 9, 20185min2697

Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:


1) Scry.info $0,165490 USD (20,27%)  0,00002317 BTC (17,26%)

Something is happening on Gate.io exchange.

2) Paypex $0,858407 USD (21,38%)   0,00011981 BTC (18,07%) 

The spike happend on EtherDeltawith daily volume $9.305  this could be just pump.

3) Ripio Credit Network$0,110243 USD (16,63%)  0,00001538 BTC (13,39%) 

They’re at the Lendit USA event where the RCN CEO is speaking at the event.

Link to event http://www.lendit.com/usa/2018 

And at the end of the month,  Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Platform Goes Live on April 30, 2018.

4) KuCoin Shares $2,54 USD (12,06%) 0,00035819 BTC (10,33%) 

KCS Buy Back And Burn

5) Fusion $3,04 USD (11,26%)   0,00042909 BTC (9,64%) 

Some of Tweets from the community :




IOStoken $0,031372 USD (−10,25%)   0,00000445 BTC (−11,04%)

Ontology $3,36 USD (−6,92%)  0,00047719 BTC (−7,75%) 

Kin $0,000119 USD (−5,08%)  0,00000002 BTC (−5,92%) 

Nebulas $4,51 USD (−2,66%)  0,00063953 BTC (−3,57%) 

Centrality $0,285056 USD (−1,85%)  0,00004042 BTC (−2,76%) 


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