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Japanese University Publishes Guidelines for National ICO Regulation

Tama University in Japan has released a government-backed list of guidelines for the regulation and legalization of ICOs in the country.


Rather then restricting or banning ICOs like US and China, Japan is taking steps towards regulation and legalization of ICOs.

There’s no doubt that there are some serious flaws with the current ICO setup and some form of regulation is unavoidable at this stage.

Here at 2100NEWS we have always been vocal about this issue and have been promoting self-regulation rather then wait for government regulation. That’s why we introduced CEDGAR and are now raising funds in our ICO.

BTC regulations

The important takeaway here is that unlike the US, Japan is avoiding classifying ICOs as securities and submitting them to the strict rules and regulations that would apply in this case.

“ICOs are groundbreaking technology, so if we can implement good principles and rules, they have the potential to become a new way to raise funding,” said Kenji Harashima, a researcher at Mizuho Research Institute.

So while this may seem like bad news at first, it is in fact very positive. Hopefully the EU will follow the Japanese approach rather then what US and China are doing in this regard and remove the uncertainty that is currently holding back blockchain technology from really taking off in the mainstream.

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