April 5, 20186min923

Movers of the day


Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Ontology $2,80 USD (20,80%)   0,00041250 BTC (25,87%) 

Huge buy orders on Binance


TRON $0,036796 USD (17,13%)   0,00000547 BTC (23,16%) 

Tron was listed on Bithumb Korean bassed cryptocurrency exchange.

 Po.et $0,029157 USD (12,22%)   0,00000435 BTC (18,47%) 

It’s official! Po.et WordPress plugin has been accepted to the WordPress plugin store.

Iconomi $0,848620 USD (9,08%)  0,00012711 BTC (15,48%) 

There was a huge spike last night.

Quote from a Bitcointalk user Gutenhans.

The price jumped to catch it’s book value (total sum of Pinta investments)  and still did not make it (until the moment of writing)

$108,468,950 Book value (Pinta) in compassion with  96,707,512 Market Value and this is without the parity funds taken in consideration. Yes we are still 11 mil under the book value.

Manage to increase my position about 30% since last night. I see it as a safe bet at least until ICN hit’s it’s book value then, i will consider dropping some but not all icn from the bag

Anyway that 18% – 35% increase will point some attention to the token for sure of this bloody market.
We’re back to top 100 (94 Rank on CMC)


 Augur $26,32 USD (6,50%)  0,00396699 BTC (13,19%) 

New bug bounty program for Augur frontend and backend from 500 to 27k USD.


Mithril $0,241721 USD (−19,93%)  0,00003620 BTC (−15,58%) 

Storj $0,714555 USD (−15,02%)  0,00010726 BTC (−10,28%) 

Metal $3,13 USD (−15,81%)  0,00047027 BTC (−11,11%) 

PayPie $0,606975 USD (−12,38%)  0,00009111 BTC (−7,49%) 

Power Ledger $0,283492 USD (−15,49%)  0,00004255 BTC (−10,78%) 

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