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Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

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2099.png (32×32)ICON   0,00036280 BTC (39,73%)

Massive gains due to Bithumb listing the token.

Bithumb, one of Korea’s largest exchanges with a daily volume of $850 million (94,000 BTC), has announced the listing of ICON (ICX), which is being called ‘Korean version of Ethereum’, to celebrate the launch of Bithumb PRO. Bithumb Gives Away ICON to Celebrate Launch of Bithumb PRO Through deliberation of Bithumb Cryptocurrency Deliberative Committee, the exchange.

Also, ICX Airdrop for Bithumb members had something to do with the price rising.


1680.png (32×32)Aragon (ANT)  $3,80 USD (42,49%)  0,00041939 BTC (32,71%) 

Aragon Core 0.5 alpha will be released on testnet soon so this is

probably the reason why the price jumped.

2556.png (32×32)Credits (CS)    $0,699244 USD (42,57%)  0,00007701 BTC (33,42%) 

When the Director of IBM Blockchain Labs shares a crypto project

on his LinkedIn page you know that project is going places.

2305.png (32×32)NAGA (NGC)   $0,960010 USD (42,96%)    0,00010540 BTC (33,41%)

These announcements might influence the prices:

 Record sales in January and February

– NAGA’s brokerage offers NGC-based trading accounts

– Switex Beta version starting end of March

– NAGA WALLET Launch scheduled for April

– NAGA share added to new Scale 30-Index

1934.png (32×32)Loopring $0,439182 USD (37,80%)   0,00004843 BTC (29,24%) 

This post outlines our distribution plan for new Loopring tokens on additional target blockchains and provides some details specific to the distribution of the Loopring token on NEO and Qtum. This might just be the driving force for the price jump.





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