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Google is restricting crypto advertisements

For the industry is very important to have healthy advertising in the cryptocurrency world. If some of them break the rules, they should be immediately suspended. But some advertisers that are using Google AdWords with the intention to promote their businesses, are receiving fewer ads views.
Facebook’s decision to ban crypto ads last month apparently wasn’t after organic consideration by the company, but after months of pressure from the FBI and other regulatory agencies which are now pressuring Google.

Jason Roy, a senior investigator at the Manitoba Securities Commission and chairman of Canada’s Binary Options Task Force, said:

“What happened is that Canada’s Binary Options Task Force, as well as the FBI,
explained to Facebook what the concerns were and that these types of ads are leading to people becoming victims.
We’ve been talking to Google and had similar discussions and are waiting for them to take similar action.”
That “explanation” went on for months, with Facebook finally caving in. “We’re very pleased,”

Apparently, Securities Commission and FBI have been discussing the matter for months, but Google doesn’t seem to be impressed, with a representative stating: “We already ban and enforce against misleading ads and misrepresentation (across all categories).”
The question is why Securities Commission and FBI want to restrict crypto related advertising specifically, considering there are plenty of legitimate cryptocurrencies and ICOs out there.

Roy argued:

“There’s just been an explosion of different ICOs and new tokens and crazy offerings. You’re seeing ICOs that are raising large amounts of money and there’s nothing behind them in certain cases, but members of the public are so hyped they’re throwing money at them,”

Suggesting that people need to be protected from themselves like they cant think and decide on their own, where Google and Facebook are to act as law enforcement for the United States government.

Google claims the drop is related to the fact that AdWords are now much more limited than before. They can be approved, but they will always show to a reduced amount of people that will be selected by region, age group or devices.
This is not happening to just one cryptocurrency enterprise, but it is a situation that is affecting several users and businesses. There are several enterprises that claim that their accounts have been suspended and/or terminated.

User ananas b had Account Suspended Due to Misrepresentation

I am facing serious issue in my adwords account that is Misrepresentation as per google team, I have analyzed the website that is completely and i couldn’t find any reason that is violating google policies. our business is “blockchain technology development” and we provide services in UAE.
Please suggest what i have to do in this regard as google team is not telling exact issue/concern of suspension of our account.
Although google yet dont have any policy of Blockchain/cryptocurrency related niche.

After these issues repeated several times, there was a rumour that Google is trying to ban cryptocurrency ads. Google was contacted by Finance Magnates and Google answered that the platform that banned cryptocurrency and ICO enterprises was Facebook and not Google.

“Our Financial Services policy does not mention anything regarding ICOs or cryptocurrency and as such, their promotion is allowed on our platform,” reads the message that AdWords support gave. “It was Facebook who really banned the promotion of cryptocurrency on their platform.”

It looks like the voice of crypto is getting silenced, and they are using all means necessary to silence the roar of crypto that was roaring all last year.
Will they succeed? What do you think, comment below?

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