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Business opportunities in blockchain

Yesterday we attended an event on Business opportunities in blockchain organized by Business Intelligence Center in Hotel Slon, one of the most prestigious Slovenian hotels, where managers gathered to get informed about opportunities blockchain has to offer.

Peter Merc Blockchain Think Tank

There were 3 main speakers at the event. First was Peter Merc, president of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia. He talked about how blockchain in a form of smart contracts works in notary business, land registers, and other legal contracts and registers. For exapmle a smart will and digital certificates and diplomas on the blockchain.

He also explained the ICO ecosystem and what you need in order to conduct a successful ICO project. He also pointed out legal issues that are facing the ICO projects and the technical problems of KYC process. Then he expressed a need for more regulation in the ecosystem. The regulations will be good in the long run.

Aleksander Katulus Vidmar Bitnation


The next speaker was Aleksander Katulus Vidmar who has a lot of experience in the field of governance. He presented a historical overlook of all the basic elements of the blockchain and described what positive role blockchain can have for different types of business. Aleksander also pointed out his selection of top ten cryptocurrencies and pointed out his favourite project Lisk. He wrapped up his presentation with useful advice for someone interested in trading.

Peter Trček Bitnik


The third speaker was Peter Trček, a successful business owner and CEO of Bitnik and a new project franchise company called Lo coins, which specializes in selling and buying crypto for fiat. He’s in the crypto space since the early days. You could say that he’s old school and an expert in the blockchain filed. At least from the business side of it.

He thinks it’s a waste of time if you focus on users who don’t have the basics computer skills. They are often paranoid about cyber-security. He personally believes that the current ICO mania will die down and different process will replace it in the long term.

We are delighted to see so many blockchain events taking place here in Slovenia. We will try to cover as many as possible for our readers.




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