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LilyAugust 31, 2020


STX (Blockstack) as Large-cap Coin is 52nd in the 2100NEWS ranking. The quality of the order book of STX is Ordinary. The average quality of the order book for large caps members of the NWSL100 index is 16. What is the true value criterion in the crypto world?

*Among all, the price is always at the forefront. By comparing with the index, we can gauge the price-performance with similar digital assets that are members of the index. Considering an investor’s point of view, peer comparison should be efficient and effective. We present you coins that are worth keeping in mind.


About coin

STX has been launched in 5 exchanges.

STX as Large-cap Coin is 52nd in 2100NEWS ranking (after Index Review of 28th August 2020). It is an Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSCo100, NWSDM100.

2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Ordinary, Score: 15.7 (Average for Large caps: 16)

Over the past week, the average market cap was $172.7 million, average daily volume was $3.1 million.


In this section, we will examine how the market, with price changes, evaluates project progress. It seems important to us if the project is outside of the usual tide of crypto project prices. In order to make an appropriate peer comparison, we gauged the STX (Blockstack) coin with the 2100NEWS DA Coin Index (NWSCo100). Looking at the daily chart below, we see the STX  vs. NWSCo100 at the top, the original STX price in the middle of the chart, and NWSCo100 and the correlation between STX and NWSCo100 at the bottom. On average (violet area chart), the relationship between STX and NWSCo100  has shown that it was stronger during the rally. Over the last three months, it has beaten NWSCo100 by 30%. However, if we compare the STX green area graph with the orange index area graph while observing the correlation graph, the correlation graph gives us an explanation that the correlation is strong (Pearson’s correlation coefficient = 0.92).  It was moving in the same direction as the NWSCo100.  STX grew faster during the rally phase. It terms of price changes, it was a good representative of the NWSCo100 index.

2100NEWS observation:

If we look at the plan and their accomplishments, we see that the plan is being carefully executed. In April 2020, they launched the Stacks 2.0 testnet and have been regularly upgrading it ever since. They are well aware of the importance of the community, so they also invest intensively in it. They have 42.9K followers on Twitter.


About Blockstack – what they do

Blockstack is a full-stack decentralized computing network that enables a new generation of applications where developers and users can interact fairly and securely. Blockstack uses blockchain technology to build protocols and developer tools designed to enable a fair and open Internet that returns digital rights to developers and consumers.

The Blockstack Ecosystem is the legal entities and community structures that support the Blockstack technology, the apps that rely on it, and the people that work with it. The ecosystem’s mission is to foster an open and decentralized Internet that establishes and protects privacy, security and freedom for all users.


General information

Blockstack was founded by two engineers from Princeton University, Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea. It is a public benefit corporation headquartered in New York City with a globally distributed team.



Exchanges: Binance, CoinDCX, Hoo, KuCoin, TOKOK.



You can follow them:     Blog     GitHub    Twitter


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