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LilyApril 23, 2020


DX (DxChain) as Large-cap Token is 60th in the 2100NEWS ranking. The quality of the order book of DX is Poor. The average quality of the order book for large caps members of the NWSL100 index is 14.1. What is the true value criterion in the crypto world?

*Among all, the price is always at the forefront. By comparing with the index, we can gauge the price-performance with similar digital assets that are members of the index. Considering an investor’s point of view, peer comparison should be efficient and effective. We present you tokens that are worth keeping in mind.

About token

DX has been launched in 5 exchanges.

DxChain as Large-cap Token is 60th in 2100NEWS ranking (after Index Review of 10th April 2020). It is an Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWSTo100, NWSET100, NWSDM100.

2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Poor, Score: 9.5, (Average for Large caps: 14.1)

Over the past week, the average market cap was $73.7 million, average daily volume was $0.27 million.


In this paragraph, we will look at how the market, with price changes, evaluates project progress. It seems important to us if the project is out of the ordinary tide of crypto project prices. To make peer comparison we gauged the DX (DxChain) with 2100NEWS Digital Assets 100 Large Cap Index (NWSL100). Looking at the chart below, at the top we can see the DX vs. NWSL100, in the middle of the chart is the original DX price, at the bottom of the chart are NWSL100 and correlation between DX and NWSL100. On average (purple area graph), the DX to NWSL100 ratio has shown that DX has grown and beaten the NWSL100. It has soared by 50% vs. NWSL100 in the last four months. However, the correlation graph gives us an explanation that the correlation is not strong (Pearsons correlation coefficient = 0.25). For 78% of the time, it was moving in the same direction as the NWSL100. So, it has been an ordinary representative of the NWSL100 index in terms of price changes.

According to Etherscan, There are 9,188 token holders (at the time of this article’s writing).


2100NEWS observation:

In early 2019, DxChain launched DxChain’s Testnet and upgraded it several times throughout the year. As a result of two years of work, they launched DxChain Mainnet in March 2020. By summer, they will make sure DxChain Mainnet is stable while in the second half of the year they plan to open the storage function to all users gradually, to return the data ownership to themselves. Last year, they stopped posting on Medium and completely switched to their own blog DxChain Insight. Their website is available in four languages and Telegram is available in three languages. That means they care about the community. They have 29.2K followers at Twitter


About DxChain – what they do

DxChain Network is a big data and machine learning network which is powered by a computing-centric blockchain with a native protocol token (also called “DX”). Its end users can potentially use this network as a data exchange platform to trade data and as a business intelligence analytics platform to analyze data for supporting business insights.

The DxChain Network provides miners incentives based on the usefulness of the work that they passively provide: storage and computation. Since this storage platform is designed through using a principle of decentralization, the protocol has a mechanism to control the reliability of the file access. In garnering the benefits of P2P network and Hadoop HDFS file systems, the robustness, and accessibility is intended to be ensured. DxChain Network is designed to assign several roles to manage and schedule jobs in the system which achieves the computation goal in a centralized parallel computing system. Built on top of the DxChain Network, a collection of tools would be developed to speed up the computation and analysis process. Additionally, machine learning algorithms can potentially be built upon these to facilitate more computing-driven tasks.

DxChain is characterized by four innovations:

  • PDC (Provable Data Computacion): A new decentralized computing framework to introduce the Provable Data Computing and verification game
  • Chains-on-chain Architecture: A new chains-on-chain design to orchestrate a master chain and two side chains – data side chain and computing side chain
  • Migrate the Hadoop ecosystem to a decentralized environment: Incorporate Hadoop to DxChain to facilitate big data and machine learning
  • Support business data exchange and analytics: Flexible and powerful DxChain-based system architecture, dedicatedly designed to support most business data exchange and data analytics requirements

DxChain aims to create a decentralized data exchange platform to not only help users own and control their data, but extract and enjoy the value of data as well.


General information

DxChain is based in San Jose, California, US. The founders are Allan Zhang, expert in blockchain and network security and James Li, experienced in blockchain system design and architecture.


Exchanges: Bgogo, Bilaxy, Gate.io, IDEX, KuCoin.


Website:    https://dxchain.com

You can follow them:     Github    Twitter     YouTube


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