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DTR (Dynamic Trading Rights) as Large-cap Token is 75th in the 2100NEWS ranking. DTR has Good quality of the order book. The average quality of the order book for large caps members of the NWSL100 index is 10.76. What is the true value criterion in the crypto world?

*Among all, the price is always at the forefront. By comparing with the index, we can gauge the price-performance with similar digital assets that are members of the index. Considering an investor’s point of view, peer comparison should be efficient and effective. We present you tokens that are worth keeping in mind when you create a buying list to go into the crypto world.


About token

DTR has been launched in three exchanges.

DTR as Large-cap Coin is 75th in 2100NEWS ranking (after Index Review of 11th October 2019). It is an Index member: NWST1100, NWSL100, NWTo100, NWSET100.


2100NEWS DA Orderbook Quality Evaluation Grade: Good, Score: 14.9, (Average for Large caps: 10.76)

Over the past week, the average market cap was $54 million, average daily volume was $145.5 thousand.


To make appropriate peer comparison we gauged the DTR (Dynamic Trading Rights) token with 2100NEWS Digital Assets 100 Large Cap Index (NWSL100). Looking at the chart below, at the top we can see the DTR vs. NWSL100, in the middle of the chart is original DTR price, at the bottom of the chart are NWSL100 and correlation between DTR and NWSL100. On average (purple area graph), the relationship between DTR and NWSL100  has shown that since the beginning of August DTR has grown and beaten the NWSL100, it has soared by more than 220%. However, the correlation graph gives us an explanation that for 33% of the time, it was moving in the opposite direction as the NWSL100, the first two weeks in October, its moving was correlated with the NWSL100 as in July. In the last four months, DTR has not been a typical representative of the NWSL100 index in terms of price changes.

According to Etherscan, there are 3,678 token holders (at the time of this article’s writing).


2100NEWS observation:

In the first place, we would point out that many reports about exchanges trading volumes are implicating that most of the trading volume is made artificially for fake liquidity. Tokens.net primarily function is transparent trading volume. They have marked a milestone in the industry of online cryptocurrency exchanges. They also offer additional services: DTR Voice, Multiple Languages, Market Making Bot, Crypto Loan Service, Mobile app …We are particularly attracted to their business model, which provides demand and gives fundamental value to their DTR tokens. Currently, they use funds collected in the ICO for the company’s operations. Tokens.net charges trading fees and burn DTR procured from collected fees. Destruction events, as they call them, also known as token burning, are events in which the total supply of tokens is decreased. In simple terms, this means that destroyed tokens become permanently untouchable and unavailable for further transfers. With the current trading volume on the platform, it means that about 2.5% of DTR tokens would be destroyed annually, which provides such a fundamental increase in the value of DTR token. This is a really rare, almost unique feature of the utility token in the crypto ecosystem.


About Dynamic Trading Rights – what they do

Dynamic Trading Rights is an innovative digital currency platform featuring security, reliability and transparent transactions. Dynamic Trading Rights serves as a marketplace to exchange ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies. Currently, they use funds collected in the ICO for the company’s operations. In the future, Dynamic Trading Rights will support the growth of the company with new, already provided sources of financing, which will bring revenues for the functioning of the platform. The Tokens.net services are:

  1. DTR Voice  – a Tokens.net cryptocurrency voting system. It is very distinctive and democratizes the way how coins or tokens are listed to their platform. On 1st November 2018, all their active clients got 1000 DTR Voices deposited to their Tokens.net account. It is possible to use DTR Voices to vote on future cryptocurrency listings and trade them on the platform. Clients have voted for several new currencies to be added.
  2. DTR destruction page DTR is typically destroyed as a result of three types of burn events. The first destruction event was from DTR Voice. DTRV from the voting system is collected and then Tokens uses that DTRV to purchase DTR on the market and burn that. Secondly, Tokens charges trading fees and burn DTR procured from collected fees. The third burn type is reserved for special destruction events.
  3. Multiple Languages. Tokens.net is an exchange with an international reach for cryptocurrency traders and investors, the Tokens.net team has translated the webpage into multiple languages.
  4. Market Making Bot is probably the most important feature for all users of the Tokens.net trading platform. Previously, Market Making Bot was a special paid service offered by the exchange, but the team made an autonomous version of Market Maker to allow all users to take advantage of filling a position in the market through a bot service. Market Making Bot is designed to perform trades or sets of trades and every user can use this feature for free on every available trading pair.
  5. Crypto Loan Service. In order to provide their users with the best cryptocurrency trading experience possible. All account users may use their DTR units to unlock the Crypto Loan service, placing DTR as collateral in exchange for crypto loans in EURS or USDT.
  6. Mobile app – Tokens.net mobile app enables a seamless transition from the web exchange platform to an equally user-friendly mobile app – trade on the go.


General information

Bitstamp founder Damian Merlak is also the founder and CEO of Tokens.net.


Exchanges: HitBTC, Livecoin, Tokens.net.



Website: https://www.tokens.net/

You can follow them:     Twitter     Medium     Facebook


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