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We are proud to announce the listing on the LATOKEN Exchange. Our community now can trade with NWS tokens easy  and comfortable.

About 2100NEWS:

2100NEWS is the media hub that offers real-time crypto news, authorized financial and price-sensitive information from token issuers. 2100NEWS will be the information highway for all stakeholders in the crypto community. 2100NEWS has some own products: 2100NEWS DA INDEXES and CEDGAR.

2100NEWS DA INDEXES will increase transparency, build trust and improve the reputation of the crypto economy. 2100NEWS is the professional index and data provider in the digital asset space. Through state of the art technology, 2100NEWS is building the institutional-grade data infrastructure required to enable institutional investments in digital assets. CEDGAR serves as a tool for self-regulation and is projected to become a standard for every ICO project that raised funds and help improve the legitimacy and transparency of the company as a whole.


About Latoken:

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-50 in July 2018 and keeps improving the result.

90+ crypto pairs already traded

70,000+ traders already registered

Low trading and withdrawal  fees

New trading pairs are being added every week

Besides crypto trading, eligible LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

Other features of LATOKEN Platform include:

  • Instant exchange (LA DIRECT)
  • Advanced trading features
  • Crypto/fiat gateway

About us

We are the new economy news hub. 2100NEWS is the professional index, data, and tools provider in the digital asset space, offering Crypto Market Intelligence, providing the perspective you can trust and equipping you with information edge you need to stay ahead. (Real-time data of token issuers and news, analysis and commentary from community.) We are very excited to contribute to the evolution of the industry and build an ecosystem around our offering (the institutional-grade data infrastructure required to enable institutional investments in digital assets). We want our contributions (Contents and Tools on to be useful for helping investors.



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