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WNBA Players Association Inks Deal With Sports Streaming ICO

Following a landmark deal with the NFL announced in August, live streaming platform SportsCastr has announced a parnership with the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) to power live, interactive video content for fans.

WNBA Players Association Inks Deal with ICO

Through a partnership with REP Worldwide, the WNBPA’s group licensing and player-marketing representation agency, SportsCastr will give basketball fans access to premium content from the most elite women’s professional basketball players in the world using SportsCastr’s FanChain token.

CCN recently reported that SportsCastr signed a similar deal with the NFL Players Association, giving fans the ability to become color commentators and access to exclusive content and player insights.

In an echo of the groundbreaking NFL deal, current WNBA players will be invited to use the SportsCastr platform to give fans live commentary across a range of professional and college sports and share personal insights and other content.

SportsCastr will provide a dedicated portal for the WNBPA which will aggregate all player content and provide fans with a leaderboard where they can discover the most popular player streams.

Speaking about the partnership, WNBPA Director of Operation Terri Jackson said:

“Fans crave authentic interaction, and through the SportsCastr live-streaming platform, our players have another exciting way to engage fans in real-time. This innovative technology also fits our objective to build unique group licensing opportunities through REP Worldwide that bring fans and players closer.”

FanChain Cryptocurrency Piles up the Partnerships

David Stern
Former NBA Commissioner David Stern is one of many high-profile backers of FanChain | Source: Kevin Maloney/Fortune Brainstorm Tech/Flickr

In June, CCN reported that the FanChain cryptocurrency received backing from former NBA commissioner David Stern. FanChain allows users who are watching sporting events to select which sports commentary they choose to listen to and participate by providing their own live commentary.

Users are then rewarded based on their popularity using FanChain tokens, which effectively rewards users for participating on the SportsCastr platform. The tokens can be used on the platform to unlock premium player content, purchase sports tickets or merchandise, and send virtual gifts to players.

Following the NFLPA deal, the WNBPA deal represents another step forward in SportsCastr’s stated goal of making FanChain a ubiquitous token within the sports industry.

Giving his thoughts, SportsCastr CEO Kevin April said:

“From the NFLPA to the WNBPA, it’s our mission to provide a platform for all fans and athletes to have a voice. Through the WNBPA partnership, which offers fans live interactive video and exclusive content directly from players, the talents and personalities of these incredible female athletes will be on display for the next generation of fans.”

According to information from the company, WNBA players will begin using the platform in the third quarter of 2018, with the SportsCastr WNBPA portal launching in Q4.

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