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VRT Technologies participates in the confirmation of election results

VR Technologies, a company operating in the virtual reality realm, participated in confirming the results of the presidential elections in Russia.

CTO of VRT WORLD  Dmitry Livshin and a number of technical specialists from VR Technologies joined the Verifier Project team, which provided confirmation of the voting results with the help of blockchain technology.

The project was implemented jointly with National Public Monitoring (NOM), the network of observers placed in all polling stations.

“In a short period of time, we developed a gateway to work with the information infrastructure of the NOM and a special smart contract that was responsible for loading the data into the block. To optimize the whole matter, we decided to send non-source data to the blocker and their hash, (transformed into a short, specific length of the string)” Livshin said.

“We started the first testing of the program one and a half weeks before the elections, sending out the tasks with a request to confirm CEC compliance of the sites. Then we received several hundred tasks and realized we were ready to verify the elections on the detachment,” he added.

Protocols from polling stations began to arrive on the system on March 19, the day after voting. During the following days, the Verifier Project team received 98,000 protocols, and their hash-data was stored in the locker.

“Our work from the decision to implement the project until the moment we were able to report the authenticity of all the polling station data can be checked through a block of flats. However, it still took us a couple of months for the public to warm up to the concept, especially since these were the first presidential elections anywhere in the world, where blockchain technology found such wide application, “Livshin commented. “And the best part is that our STO stands behind the development of this kind of high-level project, which once again proved there are no unsolvable tasks.”

About VR Technologies company

VR Technologies is developing the VRT World project, a decentralized global platform that will bring together virtual reality developers, consumers and investors in the VR field. The team includes specialists with extensive experience in VR, blockchain, and other areas of digital technology. The company’s offices are located in Moscow and Singapore.

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