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Buy the rumor sell the news

Buy the rumor, sell the news’ is something that happens in most markets, particularly financial. Sometimes traders trade based on what they believe will occur in a given economic report or event (the rumor). Once the event passes or the report is released (the news), they dump their positions and the market moves.

This is an old trick from the book that works well in crypto markets as well, basically, you research the tokens you are drawn to invest in and then map out when the ”rumor” events will take place, make TA when to invest and wait for the ”news” to happen then dump the positions. This is called ”Buy the rumor sell the news”


For example, Main net launch for a token going from erc20 token on Ethereum to a native token on their own blockchain is usually a huge bull run for the token price. This is perfect for the Buy the rumor sell the news strategy.

Some Mainnet launches in next month already mapped out:


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