Anything App CEO Interview – Lodewijk Veldhuijzen

Written by on May 7, 2018

Here’s our interview with the CEO of Anything app, Lodewijk Veldhuijzen. Check it out and learn how Anything App brings a solution to three big problems in today’s society.


Access to help

You won’t have to figure everything out by yourself anymore. The video-call option of Anything App is a game changer. Discuss your car damage with the mechanic. Ask someone how to fix that problem in Excel. Get help with your taxes.

Earn extra money

You get paid for helping others with something you are passionate about. It is one of the easiest ways imaginable to earn extra money. And it scales with your skill-set; making it attractive for anyone to join.

Save time

Connect with an expert instantly. No more browsing the internet, posting questions on forums, or driving to the expert’s office and paying a fortune.



0:12 – Hi Lodewijk, thanks for being with us today. Can you introduce yourself to our viewers please?
1:12 – Who are your core team members?
2:44 – How did you come up with the idea for the Anything App?
3:50 – Are you going to build an exchange within the app for buying tokens with FIAT?
4:41 – Do decentralised exchanges work for FIAT as well?
5:17 – How do you plan to encourage users to use ANY token instead of using FIAT?
6:33 – What is going to be the system for assuring fairness on the platform?
7:39 – How come you’re launching your product in Thailand?
9:30 – Where is Thailand in terms of crypto regulation? Is is a friendly country?
10:08 – It looks like you are going to be spending 57% of funds on marketing and sales. Seems like a lot.
11:18 – Can you give us some details about your ICO, about your token, soft cap, etc.?
13:02 – Have you raised any funds in pre-sale, privately?
13:17 – Why would people contribute to your ICO?
15:07 – What is next year going to look like for you?
16:13 – What is this “second app” on your roadmap? Is it a different app?
17:05 – Why would people outside of Thailand invest? It looks like we won’t have utility outside the Thai market for quite some time to come.
19:12 – Will you be doing any token burns as well?

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Reader's opinions
  1. Esther Bollingsworth   On   July 17, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Product: This ICO does not have a minimum viable product, not even a beta version.

    Valuation: They have valued their company (with no MVP) at $0.04 x 200,000,000 = $80,000,000. To put this into perspective, a highly respected company like OmiseGo only needed to raise $20,000,000 while this app requires four times as much for unknown reasons. Valuing a company at $80,000,000 with no customers is unreasonable for any investor.

    Advisors: The advisors are sub-par and do not add any significant value to the company.

    Media: The LinkedIn page only has 30 followers, however the Twitter/Facebook/Telegram pages have tens of thousands each. LinkedIn aggresively target fake/purchased accounts. This suggests many of the followers on the latter pages are not genuine. The Reddit page is a great example of how uninterested the public are.

    Smart Contract: It is difficult to trust an ICO which has the ability to burn your tokens at will. It is also difficult to trust ‘owned’ contracts because the owner can make arbitrary changes at will. If the owner does not trust his own investors, it is hard to trust the owner.

    Deadline: The date of the token sale has been extended. This suggests lack of interest and lack of ability to raise funds.

    Conclusion: Avoid this ICO.

    Kind regards
    Esther Bollingsworth

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