May 3, 20183min1422

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Golem $0,870684 USD (52,63%)  0,00009446 BTC (50,71%) 

Binance listed GNT 6 days ago and the price went more than 60% up since than, I expect this token will continue to rise since the main net lunch was Succesful, this is only the beginning. Today there was another listing on Bithumb exchange!

Loom Network $0,490131 USD (30,08%)  0,00005321 BTC (28,67%) 

Loom was listed on Binance yesterday, this clearly shows huge impact Binance listing has on the price of the token.


Fusion (FSN) $9,18 USD (26,72%)  0,00099642 BTC (25,37%)

Some comunity post about FSN potenital.

Fusion showing EXTREMELY Bullish signs… from FusionFoundation


Veritaseum (VERI) $134,49 USD (23,60%)  0,01457980 BTC (22,08%)

From Reggie Middleton DISRUPTOR-IN-CHIEF

VeADIR produced over 116% since April 4th, in USD. It has outstripped the performance of ETH by 22.6% in the same time period. App has just undergone a code audit, doing very well. We’ve addressed all outstanding issues & we are ready to go in non-US jurisdictions. 2 deals signed.

Polymath (POLY) $0,730922 USD (24,97%)  0,00007936 BTC (23,65%)

Some community post about Polymath potential.

Worst Performers:

Mixin (XIN)
$1.168,27 USD (−8,74%)
0,12685100 BTC (−9,67%)

Dentacoin (DCN)
$0,000742 USD (−6,50%)
0,00000008 BTC (−7,47%)

PayPie (PPP)
$1,36 USD (−4,86%)
0,00014785 BTC (−5,84%) (GTC)
$0,193599 USD (−6,23%)
0,00002102 BTC (−7,20%)

Pundi X (NPXS)
$0,004232 USD (−3,71%)
0,00000046 BTC (−4,56%)

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