April 21, 20185min1812

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Game.com $0,247722 USD (94,48%)  0,00002782 BTC (81,28%) 

Game.com (GTC) is the biggest gainer in crypto in the last 24 hours. Currently, this crypto is up by over 80%, and is still gaining. The gains started a few days ago after the Tron foundation tweeted that Game.com would be running for a superdelegate position in the upcoming vote.

MediBloc $0,030574 USD (46,82%)  0,00000343 BTC (36,58%) 

Hashed is a South Korean crypto hedge fund that has been invested in many of the top projects today, and $MED is one of the Accelerating Projects under them.


Storm $0,059373 USD (41,03%)  0,00000664 BTC (31,04%) 

Basically this was released on their blog today.

Ios release storm, update

Dentacoin $0,000755 USD (31,88%)  0,00000008 BTC (22,53%) 

Dentacoin among “50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2018”, according to The Silicon Review

Santiment Network Token $1,90 USD (25,07%)  0,00021302 BTC (16,20%) 

There is no info avaible why this token is rising…


Worst Performance:


Pundi X $0,004333 USD (−10,45%)  0,00000048 BTC (−16,91%) 

WAX $0,339950 USD (−10,78%)  0,00003798 BTC (−17,22%) 

Cube $0,018320 USD (−3,06%)  0,00000205 BTC (−10,04%) 

PayPie $1,06 USD (−4,35%)  0,00011855 BTC (−11,24%) 

Mithril $1,05 USD (−4,28%)  0,00011675 BTC (−11,17%) 

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