April 20, 20185min1172

Movers of the Day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:


Game.com $0,127858 USD (120,67%)  0,00001544 BTC (117,71%) 

Maybe Airdrop 1:1 impacted the price.

Fusion $4,90 USD (18,60%)  0,00059182 BTC (17,01%) 

FSN listed on Tidex.

DeepBrain Chain $0,060342 USD (16,82%)  0,00000729 BTC (15,26%) 

DeepBrainChain is heading towards Hanoi and will be attending the 2018 Southeast Asia Blockchain innovation Summit on April 21st.



RChain $1,37 USD (16,67%)  0,00016601 BTC (15,10%) 

Maybe forum add some value.

Cortex $1,32 USD (16,61%)  0,00015869 BTC (14,77%) 

This is a fresh coin on Coinmarketcap!

Cortex is now listed on CoinCodex

Worst Performance:


Monaco $13,49 USD (−24,82%)  0,00162528 BTC (−26,00%) 

Gnosis $104,55 USD (−3,64%)  0,01259860 BTC (−5,16%) 

Populous $23,85 USD (−3,51%)  0,00287346 BTC (−5,03%) 

Cube $0,018485 USD (−1,24%)  0,00000223 BTC (−2,79%) 

ETHLend $0,066509 USD (−0,16%)  0,00000801 BTC (−1,73%) 


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