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Bitcoin owners can claim 70 different forks

It feels like every day is a new Bitcoin fork day, and research suggests that this is not too far from the actual truth.


There are now 69 different Bitcoin forks in existence, plus additional 18 altcoin forks. If you own Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Litecoin you can now claim almost 80 additional coins free of charge!

Among the more exotic Bitoin forks are Bitcoin Coral, Bitcoin Sudo, and Bitcoin Star for example. So how do you keep track of all different forks and even more importantly, how can you safely claim them, without having your private keys stolen? Luckily for you, there is a site that is exclusively dedicated to that precise purpose. It’s called forkdrop.io.

If you’re not exactly a tech wizz, you may feel unsure about how to claim all these coins, but no reason to panic, there are sites out thee that will do that for you, in return for a cut of your newly minted coins of course.

But before you get too wide eyed with dollars signs, there are only 10 Bitcoin forks that are tradable on exchanges. Taken all together they currently have a value of around $940 or 0.12BTC per 1BTC. If we exclude Bitcoin Cash, you’re left with only $200 or 0,026BTC for all other forks. It’s therefore of very questionable benefit to risk your precious BTC to claim a total of 2.5% of additional value.

Altcoins don’t fair any better in this respect. Some so called forks are not technically forks and were therefore never made available to original coin owners. Verge, for example, is not a real fork of dogecoin dark, even though that’s being said a lot on the social media. Forkdrop lists six ethereum forks, three litecoin forks, and six monero forks plus a few others. Only three of these forks are tradable, with a total value of just $20.

In the end it seems that besides Bitcoin Cash, no other fork is really worth claiming for the majority of original coin owners. It you really want them and assuming they’re available on exchanges, it’s easier to just buy them as they’re so cheap at the moment relative to whatever Bitcoin you hold.

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