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Burning hot interview with Escobar

Our Partnership Manager Aleksander Katulus Vidmar got in contact with Escobar inc and arranged the interview with Roberto Escobar Gaviria  FOUNDER of DietBitcoin DDX.



Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria is the biological older brother of the notorious Colombian businessman Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Prior to his brother Pablo’s untimely passing in 1993, Roberto was the accountant of all of Pablo’s businesses and enterprises and his most trusted confidant. Roberto was responsible for the creation of offshore entities and the opening of bank accounts, as well as the management of same. In 2014 he founded the holding company Escobar Inc, a holding company for the intellectual property rights to his family name and his brother’s name. Roberto is responsible for maintaining the estate of his brother. Roberto has written multiple books regarding his prior business activities. Roberto has made in excess of $100 billion dollars in profit throughout his very successful and long career.

Escobar.Mr. Escobar excused for replying late, being a very busy man.

1. In the last years, we’ve seen the blossoming of crypto economy as a whole. When did you started to take interest in the crypto world and how is it with crypto in the Colombian / Latin american markets?

Roberto Escobar: Satoshi Nakamoto, a CIA agent that we know as Miguel Caña which is also a fake name, they tried to infiltrate us at Escobar Inc in many locations. I know for a fact, that Bitcoin was created by the CIA. He approached me to create the dietbitcoin, it was his idea, but he did not make it happen after we figured out he was a CIA agent, we did it ourselves.

2. You are currently having your own ICO, where you see the next batch of opportunities for companies in the crypto economy?

Roberto Escobar: The future is happening now.

3. Do you think that the well recognized name »Escobar« will help boost the popularity of DietBitcoin and increase sales of the token?

Roberto Escobar: It is not a token. It is a real coin. Of course we will sell all coins, our value will go over 100x than what we are selling them for now, trust me. Our analysts have told me we will have a value of hundreds of dollars per coin in late 2018. They are smart people. They are professional analysts for bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

4. If you can, let us know how are the sales of DietBitcoin tokens going on these days?

Roberto Escobar: Very good. We have sold over 1 million dollars, first round is sold out and 2nd will sell out any moment. People are buying because they understand that my coin will become big. Forget bitcoin, forget these other coins. It is like myspace, when I came out of prison that was big, now it is facebook. Players change when big players come in, like me, to this game.

5. How come are you using the same »SHA-256« algorithm as Bitcoin, isnt this a bit contradictory, considering that it is likely that CIA has a backdoor to the said algorithm?

Roberto Escobar: There is no backdoor. I never said that. Read my book. The CIA owns $10 billion worth of Bitcoin. Easy. They will sell their coins, crash the market, whenever they feel like it. American government has done this type of game many many times. People will see. They are wrong for investing in this worthless government coin by CIA. They will all lose everything. Soon.

6. What is your long term strategic plan for DietBitcoin?

Roberto Escobar: To make it a world currency. I already have connections to all major banks in the world, and all major companies in the world answer my phone call. I can call anybody on this Forbes list of billionaires, they call me. I will make sure Dietbitcoin becomes a great success.

7. If DietBitcoin is a fork of Bitcoin, how come have you decided to hold an ICO for the project?

Roberto Escobar: We did a special clone of Bitcoin, we have an ICO to sell the coins cheap to the people.

We are very thankful for his effort and time and wish him a success with his project DietBitcoin.

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