April 3, 20185min1046

Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Storj $0,854730 USD (32,65%)  0,00011584 BTC (25,83%) 

The decentralized cloud storage platform allows users to rent out idle hard drive space and is considered another good use-case for Blockchain technology.

The rise in Storj’s price may well come down to the fact that it has a use-case that could have some potential. There are a lot of companies that are trying to shoe-horn ICOs, but Storj looks like to could work in a world where cloud-based data is the norm.

Status $0,105242 USD (22,68%)  0,00001429 BTC (16,88%) 

Siraj Raval YT influencer with more than 331 Thousand subscribers mentioned Status in Decentralized Chat video.

Power Ledger $0,346140 USD (23,29%)  0,00004701 BTC (17,60%) 

Power Ledger is rolling out its platform in a commercial deployment in Melbourne.

Dent $0,011083 USD (21,80%)  0,00000151 BTC (16,68%) 

DENT now listed on DEXKO in KOREA

Monaco $5,85 USD (30,63%)  0,00079701 BTC (25,16%) 

Beta testing of the Monaco wallet app seems to go as planned.



Pillar $0,256390 USD (−11,58%)  0,00003479 BTC (−15,41%) 

Mithril $0,398228 USD (−5,68%)  0,00005411 BTC (−9,69%) 

Veritaseum $122,58 USD (−4,28%)  0,01665510 BTC (−8,35%) 

RChain $0,969603 USD (−4,38%)  0,00013158 BTC (−8,54%) 

Kin $0,000170 USD (−1,73%)  0,00000002 BTC (−5,99%) 


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