March 28, 20186min1091

Movers of the day

Here are top 5 tokens that moved the most in the last 24hours:

Ontology $2,72 USD (54,65%)  0,00033746 BTC (52,66%) 

In anticipation of the code.



Mithril $0,431558 USD (38,96%)  0,00005376 BTC (38,00%) 

The first ever rewarding event of Lit!


Credits $0,782121 USD (23,37%)   0,00009734 BTC (22,99%)

On March 27, CREDITS is to be listed on yet another 
– the sixth – digital asset trading platform, LBank!

LBank is a Chinese trading platform, with the daily 
turnover reaching $142.56 million. For February 2018 
as a whole, it is rated as number 14 in the Top 30 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.



Bytom $0,438356 USD (12,45%)   0,00005515 BTC (13,60%) 

As one of the Top three most famous Blockchain project in China,
 Bytom is going to visit more cities to meet local Blockchain community, 
introduce our decentralized application projects, and speak 
about how Bytom aims to build one of the largest decentralized networks in the world.

Oyster $1,06 USD (15,29%)  0,00013453 BTC (17,33%) 

Airdrop date for the SHL token will be held on
 April 6, 2018. The SHL token will be airdropped 
at a ratio of 1 PRL:1 SHL for current PRL holders.

Beta testing is open to the public!


Veritaseum $142,74 USD (−15,06%)  0,01801290 BTC (−13,75%) 

Dynamic Trading Rights$0,067112 USD (−4,74%)  0,00000848 BTC (−3,11%) 

Basic Attention Token$0,224008 USD (−8,87%)  0,00002829 BTC (−7,31%) 

High Performance Blockchain $2,54 USD (−7,71%)  0,00032055 BTC (−6,14%) 

SophiaTX $0,275031 USD (−3,35%)  0,00003473 BTC (−1,70%) 


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